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Plant ID, Rose

Posted: 22/06/2016 at 08:18

not sure on the nursery. Do you have any ideas?

Plant ID, Rose

Posted: 21/06/2016 at 23:28


went to chelsea and saw this beautiful light pink rose.  Thought I took a picture of the name but it's the wrong label. Can u let me know what this is?

Topiary bird

Posted: 20/06/2016 at 16:54


I want to create a topiary bird but I am not sure where to start. Should I buy a big dome hedge a cut it so that it creates something bird like and then cut it every few years?..

What hedge shall i buy?

Should i get a frame for it too?

Raised bed drainage holes on elevated patio

Posted: 06/06/2016 at 13:02

I always had the understanding that the interior wall of bed was rendered to stop soil stains bleeding through and you lay bed on a normal soil base, perhaps with some rubble at the bottom to ease drainage...then you can plant ur lavender or rosemary etc in it..

That's my plan anyway as I'm doing something similar to you... 

But maybe I know nothing and would also love to hear the opinions of others

Engaging Kids in the Garden - Willow Den

Posted: 04/06/2016 at 20:20

wow! awesome!! nice one!

Digging out garden

Posted: 04/06/2016 at 20:19


In the beginning process of a garden renovation. There are lots of weeds, old gravel, concrete slabs in the garden at the moment.

How deep should i dig down from the top soil? 10cm, 15cm...?

Do i need to seive the soil free of stones?

Should i add new top soil and organic matter to the whole garden?..

Plant id please!

Posted: 27/05/2016 at 19:51

Holes in leaves foxgloves

Posted: 27/05/2016 at 19:32

What is happening here to my fox gloves leaves?? Something eating it?

Firm curling up

Posted: 15/05/2016 at 09:51

Oh!!! Thank Goodness! I love my firn!

Firm curling up

Posted: 14/05/2016 at 19:00

Why is my firn dying? It's curling up at the edges and look burnt. It's in a shady area....

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