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Plant list for new border..

Posted: 14/02/2017 at 20:39

Hi Verdun - thanks very much for your input on this. I might be new to gardening but i am keen on getting lots of different plants.. perhaps i am a 'plants guy'.  I am going to take your advice onboard and choose a number of different plants but i think i'm going to connect them all with grasses to create a flow from the front to the back of garden...perhaps i'll repeat some of the stipa i have..

@aym - thanks for your opinion! i've decide to go with a multi stemmed crab apple tree, something which looks more interesting and provide broader coverage than a single stemmed straight variety. I am also going to get a bay pyramid which will be instead of the obelisk that i was going to get. Both of these will provide year round interest and will be good for my cooking!!! 

I would appreciate any other comments people have. I will also post my final plant list here in the next couple of days FYI.

Plant list for new border..

Posted: 13/02/2017 at 16:06

Thanks for all your help, I have decided to do the following:

Continue the path in a straight line to the shed, so I have 2 big borders to deal with. I will focus on the left hand border to begin with.

Reduce the variety of plants as I don’t want to be ‘dot planting’.

Add a small tree, which is probably a crab apple. This will be slightly in front and to the left side of the shed. This will create a little more dappled shade which will reduce the amount of direct sunlight onto the metal shed. It will be also directly diagonal to the olive tree I have in a pot on the patio.

 Add some larger shrubs to the back of the border to cover the metal shed area, I do in fact have a fatsia japonica which I can move there which is quite small at the moment but will grow up nicely.

 Add some buxus hedging and grasses to create more of a flow from the other areas of the garden and create more structure.

 I think I’ll give the obelisk a miss. I don’t want to make it too cluttered. 

What do you think?..

Plant list for new border..

Posted: 10/02/2017 at 20:57

@steve - yeah he comes over.. chats for a while. Certainly adds some value! He is a super nice chap and i couldn't have gotten to where i did without him. Obviously all the work came from me... he only turned up a couple of days to tell me how to plant my rose and that I should think about layout of my garden x instead of y. 

@punkdot & aym - i cant really put bath water there... and it certainly got v.dry there this summer. Maybe some type of star jasmine and other climbers would be best..

Plant list for new border..

Posted: 10/02/2017 at 20:16

Hi Aym, I've only been here 1 summer.. and i did this all last summer.. I was on 'big dreams small spaces'.. Monty gave me....well not much help. All the help i got was from this forum and from a very kind lady at the garden centre who i am going to email once i have my shortlist...

Do you think bamboo would be a good screen across my neighbours iron shed? 

Or perhaps i could do what i said about throwing in some 9ft posts and running wires across.and put in some star jasmine. I have star jasmine already growing up 1 side of my arch with the other side a rose...

I want something to look good tho.. not just do it for the sake of it. 

grass free garden conversion(Work in progress)

Posted: 10/02/2017 at 19:34

wow!!! legend! 

amazing work dude!! Really really well done!! Must have been srs graft!

Plant list for new border..

Posted: 10/02/2017 at 19:27

Thanks very much for this.

As topbird said, this isn't the only section of the garden. But it is the one i want to focus on this summer... I am very happy with the other section. 

Below is a photo of the garden in summer-16. I have since planted climbing roses and clematis on the left hand (west facing) fence leading up to the bench. I plan on putting some more clematis on the right hand (east facing). This will cover the walls in green! There are 200 bulbs scattered around which i'm waiting on!!

I have 6 different buxus already which create some structure and a nice bay tree in the pot in the corner. 

@topbird - there isn't much in the way of repeat planting which i'd like to continue through.. I have a good mixture of plants... Oh dear me!! @topbird, when you say dot planting, what do you mean? Do you think i have too many types of plant and i should stick to less?..

@mark56 - the soil is clay. I will order bags of manure to dig in before i do anymore planting

@lantana - i def thought about putting in a climber. His wall is metal!! ARGH!! So my other thought was putting in 2 x9 foot wooden posts and running wire across them and putting some climbers up them. What do you think? Better than a trellis against the metal wall and it means i can give it some breathing room for circulation.

@aym - the section nearer to my shed gets v.little sun (where i want to put my fern and hostas) but as it gets closer to the front (house side) of the garden there is progressively more and more sun. The bench area gets sun pretty much all day! And yes.. it can get v.hot in summer. 

I can do away with the grass on the left hand side and continue the path in a straight line up to the shed. It means I'll have a 2m wide border which is 5.5m long. Which should be plenty!!...I like the idea of using more buxus to create some repetiton in the garden..

The other thing I could do is get some golden bamboo and run it along the my neighbours wall. Homebase has some tall golden bamboo which will give an immediate and strong impact? Would this be good instead of a trellis... I could use the bamboo as a backdrop for all the other plants.. 

Sorry long msg again!!.

Plant list for new border..

Posted: 10/02/2017 at 16:47

Garden looks a bit grim right now!! But I am hoping this season it will look amazing!.. 

Of course i could be naughty and cut away lots more turf to make the border 2m wide instead.. 

Plant list for new border..

Posted: 10/02/2017 at 16:41

Hi there, 

Please can you offer me some advice! Sorry for the long message

I am a bit concerned that i have too many plants in my list that I want to buy for a new border that I am creating.

The border west facing, sheltered and towards the back of the garden where it reaches the corner of my shed. It is L-shaped but the longest side is 5.4m long and 1.5m wide. I have a couple of picture which are below.

I am thinking about putting in some a hosta, ferns, actea purpea simplex in the back dark wet corner, then graduating the plants towards something where they appreciate partial shade, where i have alchemillia mollis, sanguisorba alba, astrantia, digitalis, asilbe 'look at me'. I also have some ground cover viola and gernaniums...

I am concerned i have listed too many and they wont all fit.... and that i don't have enough height (i really want to try and cover the horrible neighbors metal wall). I like the feeling of being enclosed in plants..

1. White ditigalis x 3

2. Actea Purpea Simple x 1

3. Hosta Sieboldnan x 1

4. Astrantia Major stardust x 3

5. Mattuccia Struthioperis x 2

6. Woodwardia Vingimenta x 1

7. Asplenium Solopendrium x 1

8. White Gernanium for partial shade x 1

9. Alchemilla Mollis (ladys mantle) x 3

10. Viola labradorica purpurea x 3

11. Sanguisorba alba x 3

12. Astilbe Look at me x 3

13. CAREX dolichostachya 'Kaga-nishiki x 3


Still need to take out all turf on the left hand side to create the border. I also need to move the hyrdrangea that is there.

Sanguisorba alba

Posted: 10/02/2017 at 16:02

Mine will be on a west facing border, so gets some sunshine in the afternoon...and it can get quite wet there!.. 

thanks for your replies!!

Sanguisorba alba

Posted: 10/02/2017 at 12:55

Hi there,

I'm thinking of putting in some sanguisorba alba into one of my borders. Does anyone have experience of growing this? Is it very invasive?

Is there something similar that i can use instead..

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