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Sanguisorba alba

Posted: 10/02/2017 at 12:55

Hi there,

I'm thinking of putting in some sanguisorba alba into one of my borders. Does anyone have experience of growing this? Is it very invasive?

Is there something similar that i can use instead..

Obelisk planting

Posted: 08/02/2017 at 17:46

Actually now u got me thinking a bit more.

There are some metal rods i can buy on amazon for cheap which are 6mm thick and 2.5m long. I can bend them into shape and tie them up to make a tall obelisk. 

I already have a rose arch and IO think 4 roses around...so maybe another one might be a bit too much. What about a 2 different clematis which flower at different times?   is it best to get evergreen clematis or not?..

Obelisk planting

Posted: 08/02/2017 at 17:18

That is a cool idea!!! And it will keep me busy this weekend!...

Shall I build one 2m high or something?.. Will that provide some good support? You think a rose, clematis and sweet peas will work well in one that high?..

Obelisk planting

Posted: 08/02/2017 at 15:10

Hi there,

I am thinking about buying a tall obelisk, about 1.5m high. I have seen one at homebase which looks cheap, but i'll cover it all in flowers.

Anything I should think about before i do this.. I want it to look dense with flowers throughout spring, summer and into autumn..

Shall i just buy a rose, clematis and sow some sweet peas in around?.. 

Erigeron Karvinskianus

Posted: 07/02/2017 at 12:52

Garden is going really well! I am very much looking forward to spring! 

Infact I have a new list of plants that I want to buy for one of my borders and I'll be buying all the plants soon so they can go into the ground in March..

Erigeron Karvinskianus

Posted: 06/02/2017 at 17:03


I planted some E.Karvinskianus last year and it did very well and flowered for ages! However i didn't cut it back, and now it's like a dark clump of wet dead mushiness.. 

Shall I cut it all back to ground and wait for it to regrow from the base this year?... 

New border, espalier plants

Posted: 31/01/2017 at 08:24

Hi there, 

so im designing my new border as this is the one I dislike the most. it get afternoon sun but in the corner is damp and dark. I'm thinking about piling 2 posts into the ground across the whole of my neighbours shed, prob about 7ft high and then running wireless across in a fan shape to make a espalier. I then want to put some ferns, actea purperea, digitalis and some others in front. 

I want an espalier across the posts, im think pyracantha, jasmine or a vine.. what do u think? Also, what other plants can u put in front of it?! I want to creare some height to hide my neighbors shed.. 


Who's visiting your bird feeders?

Posted: 23/01/2017 at 13:17

So i took a bunch of advice on this forum and finally i have some more birds in my garden.

I went to the shed at the back of the garden early on Saturday morning and as i turned around I saw 2 blue tits on my bird feeder, they swooped down for a couple of seconds loaded up on sunflower hearts then went back to their tree perch. 

I have also seen a robin having fun in the camomile.. Is there something there that he likes?.. 

Penstemon pruning

Posted: 23/01/2017 at 13:14

guess this is question for April time, but when you prune the penstomons, how far do you cut back?.. Do I just take a 3rd off from the top?...

Roses for Rose Arch

Posted: 23/01/2017 at 13:13

that is so nice Tootles!!

I planted a rose to go over an arch in May this year - if it looks half as good as yours this summer then i'll be happy dude!!

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