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Talkback: Plans for a garden

Posted: 28/01/2012 at 21:22

Great to see everyone's plans for the coming year  I'm a novice gardener living in Norfolk and it's fascinating looking up your plant references, etc.  I've been browsing the web during the winter months for inspiration and I think this is a site I shall return to again and again!  

We have raised veg beds as well as (unraised) flower beds in our garden.  We have a right ole mix as we have natural springs bubbling up, so one side of the garden is a bit soggy, the other side more dry; the bottom part is more shaded and the top half by the house gets a lot of light.  We live in a very rural location with a woodland behind us and fields around us, so plenty of birds and wildlife (deer, pheasant and also rabbits that like to try to eat our veg when the dogs aren't in the garden!).

This year I would like to learn about companion planting for my veg plot - my brassicas suffered terribly with white fly last year - any advice?  I'm trying to be as organic as possible.  Also looking to add some summer/autumn colour to my front garden, it seemed so bare once the bulbs had gone over last year (btw, if I'm feeding the soil, do I still need to dig them up and move bulbs each year?)

@ funkywhiteboy don't forget the RHS 'Good for pollinators' list for bee/butterfly etc friendly planting.  I'm sure many others will have good suggestions (and if you find something that works really well, please share, I love bees too.

Thanks for reading - all suggestions welcome 

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