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Paint to make a Cardboardbox a Watertight Trough as seen on programme

Posted: 04/01/2013 at 23:14

Im new to this but my advice is start small. I started with using one plastic pot inside another to make a mould. Make up more of the mix than you think you need as it has to be packed in, as the walls need to be at least a inch thick, and be patient with the drying process. Dont be tempted to remove from the mould in under about three days, make sure the mould surfaces are lubricated or you wont get it out, and rough the pot up with a stiff brush to shape it and remove rough edges and so on. I am gradually moving up to making pots from larger bowl-shaped pots. This weekend I plan to add some cement dye but you should probably not use standard grey cement with this  - best get the white cement which I think they call snocrete. The colour will be much better. 

Good fun but fairly messy.   Have a look at Video





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