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Posted: 01/12/2013 at 11:32

Good morning all.

Hope everyone is well and coping with the run up to Christmas.( I think we can mention it now).

Been promised sun today but still very overcast. I try to get out in the garden most days just for the feel good factor. Feeling a bit lazy today though but might feel better if the sun does appear.

Sad about your chicklets horse. It's just not right that owners can suudenly want him back after you've had him so long. We had a shetland on loan and after a couple of years the owners said they were going to sell him. Of couse we had to buy him  and have still got him. He's 30 now so just living a life of luxury in his retirement. Him and his buddy help me cut the grass and provide manure so I suppose he does earn his keep.

Active wasps !!

Posted: 27/11/2013 at 15:25

Hi Pete, There are still a lot of wasps arround but I think mainly queens looking for hibernating places.

I saw a peacock butterfly yesterday. It was warm in the sunshine but still frosty in the shade.


Posted: 23/11/2013 at 11:03

Good morning all,

Hope Verdun has plenty of cake. It's really sad that some have to sleep rough in this weather if that is the case with Verdun's visitor.

Even here in tropical Cornwall we had a heavy frost last night. This was my pond just after nine this morning. Didn't feel too cold when I took the dog for a walk as there is not a breath of wind.

Going to a quiz night tonight at The Watering Hole. The only pub on the beach in England.

Mystery bug

Posted: 23/11/2013 at 08:48

Hi Ranunculus,

This was in my conservatory about a month ago. It seems to be a different species to yours. Unfortunately I later found him or her dead.  Perhaps they die in the Autumn.

Talkback: Winter flowers and bumblebees

Posted: 23/11/2013 at 06:40

Not much in flower now although I did see a small bumble bee yesterday. There were quite a few queen wasps yesterday too looking for somewhere to hibernate. The favourite plant for early bees( I saw one in January this year) is the winter flowering honeysuckle (lonicera fragrantissima). Bullfinches destroy the flowers but it's lovely to see those too.


Posted: 22/11/2013 at 11:11

Sorry, meant to say 'hello', Panda. Look after yourself as Dove says. 


Posted: 22/11/2013 at 11:10

Just popped in for a coffee. I've been lifting pots into the conservatory including this Bird of Paradise plant. It's got about seven flower spikes on but they never seem to open before about April. It's really pot bound and neglected but maybe that's why it flowers every year.


Posted: 22/11/2013 at 07:17

Good morning all,

Hope everyone is okay. Lovely dry cold morning so will get out in the garden again today to move some plants into the greenhouse for the winter. I found a few of the dreaded vine weevil in the pots of begonias yesterday so I've steeped them overnight in a solution of Provado. It worked last year and I got most of the m over the winter.

I went outside about an hour ago to see if I could spot the comet Ison. Didn't see the comet but just then the space station was going overhead. It's incredible to think there's people up there. 

Poinsettia SOS

Posted: 18/11/2013 at 09:26

Hi marklikesbees,

I read somewhere that you shouldn't buy them if they have been standing outside and even the trip to the car from a shop can be enough to kill them if they are not protected.

It seems to be tricky to get them to form the red bracts for next year. I believe they have to have 12hours light and dark and that's achieved by putting them in a dark cupboard overnight. I'd never remember to do that.

Hope yours survives  okay.


Posted: 17/11/2013 at 12:56

Good afternoon all.

A bit late in wishing you well, Andy but hope everything is okay soon.

Bob, my usually good dog (ahem) used to chase the wheelbarrow and bite the wheel. I found something in Wilkinsons that claimed to mend punctures in mountain bikes etc. It's a green sludgy stuff that you squirt into the tyre and then blow it up again.  It was brilliant and enough to do two wheels relly cheap too.


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