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Fork Handles

Posted: 18/08/2012 at 10:56

Hi Gary, my chickens don't think it's lucky! but I must admit I do like to see them.

Thanks, Kate. I enjoyed not haven't much to do, just reading and watching the wildlife.

Watched GW last night. I thought Monty looked a strange colour. Someone once described it as 'hangover p""s shade. Liked his pond though.

Later watched 'Boy in the striped pajamas'. Very moving.

Fork Handles

Posted: 18/08/2012 at 08:15

Good morning all. Good to be back with you. What have I missed?

I've been staying in a caravan while I let my cottage out. This is a photo of a tiny fox that was hoping for a chicken dinner. I felt sorry for him, he looked so confused but I suppose in a few weeks he'll be big enough to be a real threat to the chickens.

Fork Handles

Posted: 10/08/2012 at 16:23

Be with you all next week. Hope the traffic is okay. There might be the odd chicken in the way.

Glad you won Becks.

Play nicely while I'm away boys and girls.

Fork Handles

Posted: 10/08/2012 at 13:28

Thought I should show a photo of the holiday accommodation. I might throw in some eggs if they are still laying in February. Can't guarentee that the weather will be as hot as it is today.

Fork Handles

Posted: 09/08/2012 at 12:49

Lovely flowers Geoff. I'm jealous of your agapanthus. Are the others lobelia cardinalis and goats rue?

Fork Handles

Posted: 09/08/2012 at 12:47

Meddling means something else too.  Didn't they use cupping to draw poisons or evil spirits out?

I'm not going very far about 100yards. I let my cottage out for a few weeks so retreat to a caravan in the chicken field. No broadband or telly but I quite enjoy it. nothing much to do except read and listern to the radio. I shall miss all your goings on.

Fork Handles

Posted: 09/08/2012 at 10:46

Will football teams and golfers etc. be cupping in future?

I'd like to put in my leave of absence form from 10th August to !9th August.

Any holiday pay due please send to usual address.

new zealand flax

Posted: 09/08/2012 at 09:14

Maggi, I had 4 big clumps over 10 years old. The bronze one that is not supposed to be so hardy. Two died in different years for no apparent reason. The leaves still looked alive but the roots rotted off. They weren't in wet conditions.They do get dead leaves underneath and I pull them off in the Spring. I've got one flower spike on one of the remaining ones. They seem to flower better in hot summers.


Fork Handles

Posted: 08/08/2012 at 20:01

That is where the chickens live and they are put in at night. There are areas where they have made dust baths. The grass is greener where they are than in the rest of the garden. It must be the chicken poo. I agree with FloBear, Khan thinks the same as Maisie. I let them roam in the garden in the winter when they can't do much harm and I haven't had many slugs and snails in spite of the weather.

Geoff, samphire is a plant that grows on sea cliffs, but I've never tried it. I've never seen it for sale anywhere.

Fork Handles

Posted: 08/08/2012 at 19:00

Here's a photo of my chickens with their husband. (In his last life he was told he'd come back and have 11 wives so he's quite happy)

You'd don't need a cockeral Becks. that's when you will have a lot of noise. Mine can start before it gets light sometimes, but I like him and he really looks after his girls.

The biggest problem I have is foxes and I would have lost a lot more if it hadn't been for my dog.

Get some ear plugs and encourage Jess. She might turn out to be famous.

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