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Independence Day?

Posted: Today at 12:19

Results of presidential election in Austria, have just been annulled.

A precedent?


Posted: Today at 12:01

I used to frequent a bar on the N.W coast of Scotland, in a place called Lochinver. The first time I went in, I was thinking that I was hearing the most impenetrable Scots accent ever. Finally someone explained it was Russian, men coming in off the trawlers.

Great bar, every table and chair screwed into the floor. There must have been some fun nights in there.

Independence Day?

Posted: Today at 11:00

I am sure I will be shot down in flames for this, but here goes anyway.

Quite rightly, myself and other REMAINERS have been told we should just accept the result, and get on with things.

Does this still hold, if there is clear evidence, that the leading BREXITEER, who many claim was the reason they voted out, is shown to be a liar??

Ipomoea Nero

Posted: Today at 08:52

It will need to be a heated greenhouse. I don't think they do well bellow about 10C.

Temporarily moving some plants

Posted: Today at 08:48

Pot them up, water well, but do not leave them in a bucket of water.

If Peony is too big for a pot, wrap the root ball in plastic bags.

They should be fine for a few days.

Independence Day?

Posted: Today at 08:07

Well said Dove.

I am increasingly worried about a rising tide of intolerance of all types in this country, many of them nothing to do with BREXIT.

Have we forgotten the lessons from history?

Independence Day?

Posted: Today at 06:24

Love that idea Muddle-up.

Do you want to be PM?

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends - part 2

Posted: Today at 06:20


Don't forget to post occasionally, so that we know you are well, and can offer our support.


Posted: Today at 06:18

Morning all.

Just writing list, then off to SM.

See you later.

Independence Day?

Posted: Yesterday at 22:16

Doghouse Riley, why are we living in our own little bubble? Is it not possible that it is you who is wrong?

All the major institutions, BOE, other world governments etc.,  etc. advised us to stay.

The chief BREXITEERS: Putin, Trump and N. Korea.

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