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Delphiniums question

Posted: Today at 12:26

They will re-grow, although probably not till next year.

They are perennial.

They are probably best at the back of the border, but I would not move until the autumn.

Stipa Tenuissima

Posted: Today at 11:47

That sounds very deep to have planted the seeds. IMO they should be surface scattered, with maybe a tiny covering of soil or vermiculite.

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 10:15

I saw that Chicky, fantastic news.

When are we going to have more tidal wave power ?

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 09:15

Not something I would like to repeat either, fairy.

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 08:57

About to start house calls Dove, so if you have cake, I will be there.

Fairy, I once got caught on top of a hill in the most amazing thunder and lightning, it was terrifying. I was knocked off my feet once and was getting regular small shocks. At least I remembered to put my poles away and got a few hundred feet down from the summit, so at least the lightning was striking above me.

Achillea - lower leaves droopy & yellow

Posted: Yesterday at 07:16

That is suffering from an acute case of dehydration.

Rogue Rose

Posted: Yesterday at 07:14

The rose will have been grafted and what you are seeing is growth from the original root stock.

Skunk cabbage

Posted: Yesterday at 07:13

The only way to remove it, is hard physical labour.

I have it well contained in large pots , in the pond, where it has not caused any problems over many years.

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 07:11

Hi all.

A bit of " hostaitis " this morning. Could not sleep, so have been in the summer house drinking coffee since 4.

Expecting thunderstorms today, no doubt resulting in multiple plant collapses.

Just done a very successful slug and snail hunt, they are loving this humidity.

Chelsea 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 07:05

What is wrong with arty farty?

Unless there is change, all gardens would just be filled with a collection of shrubs as in the 1970's

Not that long ago, people said that Christopher LLoyds use of clashing colours was not proper gardening.

The use of Cannas and Dahlias, was frowned upon by the horticultural " elite ".

Piet Oudolf  was ridiculed for his prairie planting: " a border should not be full of grasses ".

You may hate this form of planting, but many don't

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