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Posted: Today at 18:59

What is it they say? If you can remember the 60s, then you weren't there.

If we were invited to fidgets wedding on Saturday

Posted: Today at 18:44

Panda, you take the hat, I'll take the girl wearing it!

Can anyone help ID this plant?

Posted: Today at 16:49

I like Linaria vulgaris, a very pretty yellow colour.

If we were invited to fidgets wedding on Saturday

Posted: Today at 16:44

I love a good hat. I would have to do my best Humphrey Bogart look. Although if warm and sunny, I might choose a nice Panama.

I think a man looks good in a hat.


Posted: Today at 12:18

I have had another look and as a very amateur bird watcher, I am fairly certain it is not a sparrowhawk.

I have seen Merlin and I think that is what it is.


Posted: Today at 11:16

Topbird, good advice and I agree about smokers, even though I am one. It is all of our responsibility to clear up after ourselves.

Thorntons for me fidget, but just the chewy ones please, or the cherry ones.


Posted: Today at 08:46

Morning all.

Dry spell definitely ended, hissing it down outside.

Thanks for your advice, I shall continue to plot, but only theoretically!!!

Hope it is nice to be waking in your new house Wonky.

Have a good day everyone.


Posted: Yesterday at 22:49

I was once attacked by a pair of Merlins, who repeatedly dive bombed me, whilst I was walking in the mountains. I can only assume I was close to their nest. It was very exciting and beautiful to see, if a little worrying as they do have very sharp talons.

I hope you get the situation with your mum sorted Liri. I thought I was going to have to do it for my mum, in fact I still think it needs doing. I visited a number of places and found it hard to tell good from bad.

I have started to plot against my neighbour, which I don't think is very sensible, but I can't stop myself. OH has made me promise that I won't do anything whilst she is at work.

I have just watched the Spooks movie and I would love to have been a spy.

Good night all.


Posted: Yesterday at 11:58

That hill is a right b####r isn't Hosta. The only thing that helps is a couple of pints in the Golden Lion before attempting it.

Maintenance only anyone?

Posted: Yesterday at 09:39

A garden is never finished.

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