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Posted: 18/12/2013 at 18:04

I love that story archiepem. I only have my mum left out of all my relatives and sometimes I wished I had more reminders of family.

Under trees

Posted: 18/12/2013 at 17:57

Sorry should have been  Symphytium.Like most men I cant do two things at once, am trying to cook and type. Potentially very dangerous.

Under trees

Posted: 18/12/2013 at 17:56

If you dont mind wild spreading Sympytium species will also do well.


Posted: 18/12/2013 at 17:08

Hello all. Sorry to hear about the dog Matty, but congratulations on the weight loss. I am very envious, having put on several stones during my "bad years". Keep saying I am going to do something about year.

Well all of your Christmas activity finally made me head into the centre of Sheffield. I only have to buy for OH, as she does all the nephews and nieces [ you are right Stacey, us men do nought! ] Anyway braved the crowds and all sorted. Now to sort out dinner, OH has an interview for a new job today, so better cook something nice and open some vino.

Have a good evening all.

Under trees

Posted: 18/12/2013 at 14:00

yes definetely Dryopteris. As the name suggests all Dryopteris do well in dry shade.

I have a very dry shady area under a yew tree where I manage to grow: geranium phaeum, Iris foetidissimus, sweet woodruff, Pachysandra, Bowles golden grass, Hachenochloa and Vinca. All these should do well in that environment, especially if you plant them into some good "muck" and water well till established.


Posted: 14/12/2013 at 10:17

Morning all. Hope you enjoyed the party, but what a mess you left, empties everywhere.

Apparently the OH is giving me a list of chores today, as I am not getting in the Chrismas spirit. [ I certainly drank enough of it last night. ]


Posted: 13/12/2013 at 17:37

Horay the Christmas wine has arrived. Party at mine tonight. You lot bring the food I`ve got the booze.

Riddle me

Posted: 13/12/2013 at 10:01



Posted: 13/12/2013 at 08:45

Morning all. Very mild here. Done the supermarket, heaving at 7am, you can tell it is Christmas.

Re health checks. GP - Yes. Private companies - beware. People I know have had them, been told they have abnormalities and phoned me in a bit of a panic. What they had actually been told was actually meaningless mumbo jumbo to try and persuade them to have extra expensive checks.

I now have the day to myself. If the rain holds off I might get a bit done outside.

Have a good day everyone. POETS day!


Posted: 12/12/2013 at 11:55

Sorry James. I tend to call all 4by4s either vans or chelsea trators.

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