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What did you learn from your garden this year?

Posted: 05/09/2016 at 20:40

You can buy wooden tongue depressors [ like doctors use ] from om line pharmacy suppliers.

Spot name

Posted: 05/09/2016 at 17:05


Paint colour for this wall?

Posted: 05/09/2016 at 12:12

Always worth listening to Dove, she is an artist.

Poldark returns

Posted: 05/09/2016 at 11:49

And I thought it was us blokes who are always in trouble for objectifying women.

Have to say, I would not kick Demelza out of bed.


Posted: 05/09/2016 at 11:42

Pots - yes.

Spring flowering - yes + early summer.

Bees - some have very complex flowers, so no, but some yes.

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: 05/09/2016 at 10:43

Hi all.

Grey and miserable here.

Finally got to a bank, when it was open, and waited 20 minutes to pay a cheque in.

Just potting up some I. reticulata, and got a bit of a fright, pulled back the flap on the bag, and a toad jumped out, nice, but a bit disconcerting.

Enjoy your day everyone.

Can you identify this plant

Posted: 04/09/2016 at 22:35

As Nut says, it L formosa, and not the Pagoda plant which is as Ladybird4 says.

Sorry,another ID!

Posted: 04/09/2016 at 00:19

Could be Viburnum opulus.

Cold Calling Experiences

Posted: 03/09/2016 at 17:09

Don't worry KT53.

It is very easy for people to find out that you own shares in a particular company, and does not mean anything bad will happen.

I would contact the company, and tell them what happened, for your own peace of mind.

Gardeners world going to try an hour long

Posted: 03/09/2016 at 16:59

I, for 2 did as well hosta.

Dove, I would think late July, maybe.

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