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Plant list for new border..

Posted: 15/02/2017 at 19:01

I would be a bit wary of Hayloft, Mark. Their plants are expensive and often very small when deliverd.

I think Paddock's are a much better option.

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: 15/02/2017 at 18:27

Did anyone see today's Independent?

The mass sexual assaults carried out by immigrants in Frankfurt on New Years eve, have been proven to be fake, and were fabricated by anti immigrant parties.

We have to be so careful what we believe these days.

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: 15/02/2017 at 18:24

Me too, but I didn't want to give him the satisfaction!

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: 15/02/2017 at 18:10

Hi all.

Wet and miserable here [ and that is just me ]

No fish here, I am making Cottage pie.

My dishwasher is still at work!

Any ideas what this plant is?

Posted: 15/02/2017 at 17:54

Looks like one of the Geums to me.

Plant list for new border..

Posted: 15/02/2017 at 17:53

Up North, I find that they don't come through the winter.

Hebe's (Addende)

Posted: 15/02/2017 at 17:32

There are many different species of Hebe.

Some are very hardy and some are not.

I suspect frost damage is the problem.

As said they require sun and good drainage.

The amount of water they need, depends on whether they are in a pot and on how hot it is.

As if the day couldn't get any better.........

Posted: 15/02/2017 at 16:27

I was just thinking the same Kitty.

How nice it is to have Verdun back.

Bareroot perennials planting

Posted: 15/02/2017 at 10:12

I think bare root can be useful, if you are trying to save some money [ who isn't? ]

I would however pot them up for a while, rather than plant them directly into the garden.

I don't know if mycorrhizal fungi work with perennials, good for trees and shrubs.

Snowdrop Walk - Anglesey Abbey

Posted: 15/02/2017 at 10:01

Sadly, a bit far for me.

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