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How to give feedback about the new site

Posted: 24/03/2012 at 06:55

I love the inspiration and plant based information I get from GW (both program and mag).  Please though can you at GW help those of us with less conventional issues - e.g. Joes garden design series has dealt with square, rectangular and 'off square' shapes.  Please can he advise on odd shapes - my personal example is a long thin L shape, where only the shortest side faces the house? Also dealing with existing 'hard landscaped' features that until we can (afford to) change them we regular, hum drum, not much money, gardeners have to work with and around?  Or planting front garden borders where most of the space has of necissity become parking?  Normal issues that face normal gardeners.  We don't all have the luxury of a regular shaped site the size of Montys's place (I wish) or the team of gardeners to keep it looking so amazingly perfect. Maybe nextg year you could each, with no assistance take on san averagge, irregularly shaped family garden and see how you do with that?

Too often, I think, in the interests of encouraging new gardeners by showing how 'easy' things can be (if you're a professional with no cost or other considerations except the purity of design) you fail to reach out to those of us with less than regular shaped plots who are still trying to fit everything in, on a budget, usually on weekends only and are working around a 'legacy' from previous owners/tenants and if we are not naturally artists/designers the whole concept of design is tricky at best, despite Joes best efforts to make it look, well, effortless!  Please remember that we are not all invited to design for Chelsea and take pity on us mere mortals who still want beautiful gardens?

I'm sorry if this sounds negative - it's not intended to.  As I said - I get so much inspiration from GW - I just need more help and advice on how to make that work in practice, in my garden/space please?

Thank you very much for being there for us all.


Public planters

Posted: 20/03/2012 at 05:24

Hi, I'm part of a community group trying to revitalise our local high street.  After a 'Street Day' on Friday 16th March 2012, one of the recurring themes of how we could help our high st was to make better use of our planters - a good floral display will brighten even the hardest heart!  We have two types of planter Type 1 (T1) = teak and metal construction, hexagonal, 57cm (external) Height x 52cm (internal) each side approx.  Type 2 (T2) = plastic construction (all internal dimensions) 93 w x 93 dx 21 h.  As a group we have no funding , so we need plants which will keep coming back each year with minimal maintenance whiole providing a good floral show. We would like to put some bulbs in this autumn in the T1 planters but need a spectacular display fot the Jubillee in June and trhe Olympic torch passing through in July.  Please can you help us?    Thank you vey much.

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