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Yellow Book Recommendations

Posted: 30/04/2012 at 08:39

Anywhere near us?  Page 57 number 56 - plenty of pics on the website...


Posted: 20/04/2012 at 15:52

When you are next potting on, plant the cucumber right up to its neck. This will encourage roots to grow from what is currently the stem, so giving your plant better stability and more roots to seek the feed & moisture.  I do this for courgettes and tomatoes too. It also seems to work on flowering plants too, currently Cosmos, Ipomoea, Chilean Glory Vine are all doing well.

Talkback: How to grow rockets leaves from seed

Posted: 22/03/2012 at 23:42

I see some of you have been sowing the rocket in November - i think the reason this doesnt grow is that the light levels are too low - also could be too warm?  I am growing mine in the greenhouse at the moment, and have put the pots outside the last few days, bringing them back in at night. But i think it will be OK to sow outside again now if I put a cloche over them.  

reallly need help please

Posted: 22/03/2012 at 23:31

I've never heard of it either

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