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Brill idea for runnerbeans

Posted: 28/05/2013 at 14:40

Great idea. Wish I'd looked at this yesterday before I planted my runner beans. I'll bear it in mind for next year.

No plum blossom

Posted: 28/05/2013 at 14:36

I have a 4yr old Damson. This is the first year I've seen blossom. Plums will often take 4 -5 yrs (sometimes up to 10 apparently) before they fruit, so it's a case of being patient I'm afraid.

My babies this morning

Posted: 23/05/2013 at 21:56

We just got Sunday afternoon. Rubbish innit? Still onwards and upwards 


Posted: 23/05/2013 at 21:53

I do the same thing planting in bins/bags. I plant them initially in about a foot of compost, then put more on top as the leaves start to show until the bin is full

Tree advice

Posted: 23/05/2013 at 21:48

Totally! I'd have suffering from SAD if it wasn't for Charles Lamont. No matter what the weather there were always those little pink flowers and the fragrance

do you do a "Chelsea chop ? if so what plants !

Posted: 23/05/2013 at 21:41

I normally chop Sedum this week, but I'm leaving it a little longer. I was taking some photos yesterday and realised how far behind the plants are. Last year at this time, the Irises, Poppies, Alliums, clematis were all flowering. Now, they're only just  in bud.

It snowed this afternoon 

Easy care plants

Posted: 23/05/2013 at 21:26

I'm assuming if you're looking at herbs and alpines it's south-ish facing? 



Tree advice

Posted: 23/05/2013 at 21:14

Nutcutlet I agree with your choice. I planted Rosa glauca last Autumn. I had one in a garden years ago and have always missed it. Finally found it at a rose specialists.

Agree with Goldi about thinking of shrubs instead. Even if you got the low height it would probably have a wide spread. The RHS list of small trees starts with Amelanchier Ballerina at 4m-8m. 

I'd also recommend Viburnum bodnantse spp. They can grow to 3 - 4m but can be prunded. They flower through the winter, with the leaves giving privacy in the summer

The daftest thing you've done in your garden

Posted: 23/05/2013 at 20:53

Bronze Fennel, then went in hospital the week it was seeding. That was in 2008, still digging it out of the border  

Sambucus query

Posted: 19/05/2013 at 10:06

Julie, they can be either, but Sambucus nigra Black Lace is a shrub and my experience - I've had mine in about 6 years - the roots won't travel that far. I cut about a third of mine out each year in late winter/early spring and it puts on a good 6ft each year. As long as you time the pruning right you'll still get those beautiful flowers.

Even if it was a tree, most trees don't damage house foundations anyway 

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