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What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 07/06/2012 at 14:07

Batten down the hatches folk's


I'm just having light showers at the moment

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 06/06/2012 at 15:06

I've had torrential showers most of the morning,  it was bouncing,  now it's sunny and 18.2c in the garden still a cooling breeze but the ground is to wet to do anything in the garden,  I was going to cut the grass but that will have to wait now.   The lupins that I grew from seed are now starting to flower but the Poppies have been all but flattened so I think they will end up in the green sack.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 05/06/2012 at 21:40

Its been warm here today 17.1c but not a ray of sunshine,  wall to wall cloud nice washing dry breeze so can't complain,  few spots of rain but the sky looks full of trouble now,  sort of heavy so could do with a thunder storm to clear the air

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 04/06/2012 at 20:29

Wall to wall sunshine today only got to 14.1c in the garden and a cooling breeze,  lashed it down through the night for about half hour,  it's strange how things seem to put on such rapid growth after rain then sunshine.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 03/06/2012 at 12:20

It's 12.15 and the temperature in the garden is 9.7c,  this time last week it was 20.1c full sun today it's full cloud with the threat of rain the wind is quite chilling the garden has had a good soaking so at least I can get the borders hoe'd maybe not today as the cold affects my ankle,  maybe I might get rusty if it gets to cold and damp

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 31/05/2012 at 20:43

It was raining when I got up nice and steady and didn't stop till 2.30,water butts are now full to overflowing and the garden has had a good soaking,  it's amazing how hard the ground gets after 6 days of baking hot sun even though I'd been watering it,  quite cool now at 13.2 not got much above that all day but it's nice to have a cool day for a change.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 29/05/2012 at 19:24

No Frank I didn't get any rain what soever,  it has been very warm and overcast so wasn't expecting any sunshine at all today but 4.30 ish it managed to burn the low clouds away and out it popped got to 20.6c so not to bad even now at 19.22 it's 19.1c with just a hint of a breeze but the garden is bone dry and the water butts are well down,  so,  as much as I love the sunshine I do need some rain

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 28/05/2012 at 20:32

I was in the garden this morning at 9.30 putting some Weed n Feed on the grass seemed as if it was going to be a lot cooler but by lunch time it was 25.9c the hottest yet so needless to say I've spent most of the day sitting in the sun topping up my tan,  now it's 13.8c and dropping like a stone,  the sky looks full of hell and the mist/fog is rolling in what a difference,  it was still lovely at 5.30 when I was out with the dog then by the time the new and local news had been on it all changed,  think I've just had Summer

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 27/05/2012 at 11:06

Same my side Frank only now at 11.05 has the sun managed to burn through,  quite a bit cooler at 16.1c and the breeze is colling it a lot but it's enough to get the washing dry,  didn't like to put it out yesterday as it would dry rock hard by the sun I like it blown dry then it feels a lot softer

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 26/05/2012 at 19:04

Quite a bit cooler today at 18.1c but still enjoyable to sit in,  when I took the dog out this morning Frank I could see the haze and crud acroos The Styx it just lingers am soooo pleased I live on the to of a hill,  I may get the best of the bad weather but I also get the best of the best weather si I think I'll stick to my side of The Styx.



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