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Posted: 19/04/2012 at 12:08

This was taken last year in the back garden,  havent had a decent one this year up to now.

<img id="fullSizedImage" style="width: 590px; height: 442px;" src="http://i826.photobucket.com/albums/zz184/rainjustlearning/IMG_0076.jpg?t=1273521176" alt="My 1st decent sunset of2010" />

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 19/04/2012 at 12:01

Well were are,  oh yes it's Thursday,  well on Monday it rained,  on Tuesday it rained,  on Wednesday it rained,  and today Thursday guess what it's doing yes its raining,  the Guiness Trust came round yesterday in the pourinr rain and cut the grass,  it got a bit chewed but at least it's tidy for now.


BBC Gardening Arrivals - Meeting Point

Posted: 19/04/2012 at 11:57

Its nice to see you over here Frank,  see o told you it wasn't difficult and that there are loads of the Beeb posters,  in fact it's nice to see loads of the old Potting Shed posters on here.


BBC Gardening Arrivals - Meeting Point

Posted: 16/04/2012 at 21:03

Nice to see you over here SPS and David K,  in fact it's so nice to see a lot of the older posters from the Beeb as one poster said the Beeb have done us a favour in closing it down,  there are so many different threads on here and at least we have a host that we can relate to and see for that matter,


BBC Gardening Arrivals - Meeting Point

Posted: 14/04/2012 at 22:21

Looks like we are all joining thick and fast would hate to lose contact with so many nice gardeners and friends I have made over the last few years,  have just watched the Concert on BBC2 for The Titanic had a few tears in my eyes when the personal memories were read out.


BBC Gardening Arrivals - Meeting Point

Posted: 13/04/2012 at 20:13

I've joined as well

401 to 406 of 406

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