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Soft Verge

Posted: 16/11/2016 at 13:32

Thanks for the replies.  Will see if the road association will fork out for some paving grids (matgrids)

As for soft verges, having done a Google translate, that gave me a giggle!

Soft Verge

Posted: 15/11/2016 at 10:45

Thanks for the suggestions. 

The road committee have considered posts, but some of the large trucks are so large that if/when they hit a post, they will only knock it to the side, dislodge a large section of soil (or lever up the concrete road) and not even know they have hit anything.

We have considered large stones (expensive) and currently have a lot of large logs that dissuade cars from cutting the corner, but again, when a truck hits the logs, the driver does not even know.

The turning circle is large enough for most trucks, but very big ones do give it a try.  And then then cut the internal corners because the roundabout is not a constant diameter.  If the hard internal edges are enlarged, then that will only encourage large trucks to turn even tighter and they will still run over the verge.

Hence, i would like to inexpensively, reinforce the verge so that if/when a truck does run over it, the ground is more solid grass rather than incredibly squidgey grass.

Soft Verge

Posted: 15/11/2016 at 08:15

What ho one and all,

I live in a private road and there is a small roundabout in front of my house.  As such, a group of houses have ownership but I am the only one who actually does any work, mainly mowing the grass, leaf clearing, etc.

The immediate verge is very, very soft and frequently, large trucks that think they can get around, don't and squidge into the verge, causing damage that they don't even know they caused.

What is the best way to increase the  firmness of this verge without going as far as paying for ground stabilization mesh?

Thanks and toodle pip


Planting a holly bush

Posted: 01/10/2016 at 12:18

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Did what I planned, cutting off the base, turned on side and cut the pot, then eased upright and it slid into the hole perfectly.  In fact, it could not have worked better.

Hardest part was digging the hole, not only because of the patches of clay about two feet down, but mainly because when the original house was built around 1960, the builders use the front garden as a rubble depository.  About one foot under the top soil, bricks, tiles, lumps of concrete.  It all make the digging a regular PIA!

Now have a few sacks of 'builders' rubble that the local dump will charge £5 per bag to dispose.

Planting a holly bush

Posted: 30/09/2016 at 10:21

Thanks; I just assume that the gardener knows what she is doing?

She does have very green fingers, so hopefully, all will be OK.  The hole will be larger than necessary, pre-watered overnight to allow it to soak in, and once in place, there will be lots of good compost, leaf-mould, etc mixed with the soil before filling in.  Will also install a couple of pipes for deep root watering.

The bush looks in good condition so see no reason to be concerned.

Planting a holly bush

Posted: 29/09/2016 at 12:47

Think I will slide the tree to the edge of the hole and turn it on its side.  Cut off the base, slice open the sides of the plastic pot and with some neighbourly assistance, ease it to the vertical and hopefully, the rootball will 'slide' on the plastic pot, into the hole.

The alternative, which the gardener suggested; fill the hole with ice, position the tree on the ice over the middle of the hole and wit for the ice to melt!

Toodle pip

Planting a holly bush

Posted: 28/09/2016 at 22:12


I don't know if it is the tree she wants but she did the research so who am I to question?  She has the very green fingers, I just provide the funding and grunt work!


Have been thinking about your suggestion and I think that may be the way to go.  If I put a strop through the handles, maybe a couple of the neighbours (at least four of us) would be able to lift it, remove the boards and lower into the hole before cutting the sides away.

It sounds good in theory, but the proof of the pudding .....................

Planting a holly bush

Posted: 28/09/2016 at 18:00

What ho one and all,

My wife has bought a holly bush off the internet. She thought she was buying a reasonably manageable size bush but that is not the case.

What has turned up, is obviously one that the nursery did not want since it is larger than she ordered. From the base of the rootball (in a plastic tub) to the top is closer to 3m.  The plastic tub is 70cms diameter and 50cms deep; consequently, it is b***dy heavy!

We have managed to get it to where she wants it planted; we have dug the hole, but ....................!

Cutting the plastic tub will be sufficient of a challenge, then there will be nothing to hold.

So how the h**l do we get in into the hole?

Toodle pip and thanks


Lawn aerating

Posted: 21/09/2016 at 15:18

Have done it, lots of slots and a bit of a scarifying effect also.  Gave the lawn a mow to collect all the scarifying rubbish all will be OK when the lawn recovers.

Lawn aerating

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 11:21

Thanks for your reply.  You did not read the first line of my thread.  it says 'Honda' same engine that Jenson Button uses so only a little faster than Mo!

The engine does not have any speed control, centrifugal clutch, so when one engages the lever, it runs at the pre-set speed.  Any slower and the clutch would dis-engage.

Does a good job on the cultivating and scarifying, but the aerator seems very fast and cuts these slots.  It would not be possible to control by running behind.  i can only imagine that the idea is that slots are cut; they would soon close again, but what do I know?


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