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Regular Pruning of Young Silver Birch

Posted: 27/12/2013 at 12:21

I adore silver birches and, even though I don't have a space where I can allow proper growth upward or outward, I purchased a bare-rooted one last year and have already enjoyed the dancing leaves and beautiful autumn colour.  I know I will destroy the natural beauty of the shape of this tree by keep pruning it, but I need to know how best I can keep it at around 10 ft, allowing for annual growth. So long as I won't kill the tree, I don't mind a shape different to the norm because, even at a low height, it attracts gold finches, etc and many insects, beside being very beautiful to look at. Many will say I should get a different tree, but I love this one.  I was thinking along the lines of topping it to approximately 6-8 ft this time of year, and reducing the branches to, say, 3 ft (allowing annual growth of 3-4 ft).  It has reached 8ft in the first year. Any tips on pruning? 

Help - how can I rescue my Clematis

Posted: 04/08/2013 at 18:13

All the comments are very helpful as I am looking to transplant a young clematis into a pot (due to location).  However, I would add that slug pellets are lethal to many wildlife - they destroy the birds that eat the slugs (usually by hemorrhaging internally)and a recent victim was a young hedgehog that slowly bled to death from unwittingly consuming the pellets from a neighbour.  Us humans are responsible for so much damage to this beautiful world.

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Regular Pruning of Young Silver Birch

Regular Pruning of Young Silver Birch 
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