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There's orangey........

Posted: 20/05/2015 at 13:27

I love orange flowers - I have a few geums, a tangerine poppy, hardy gerbera, crocosmia, lillies.

Always on the look out for more - so will be looking up some of the names of other things you have listed above

Would you pay more for a pint of Milk ?

Posted: 21/01/2015 at 13:34

I'd be happy to pay more if I knew the money was going to the producer, not just lining the pocket of supermarket shareholders!

Pale yellow or lemon plants

Posted: 14/05/2014 at 12:59

I have a yellow alpine poppy, and also some trollius and geums that are differnt shades of yellow from pale to quite bright - they look good planted amongst mixed borders and require little looking after (which is a bonus)!


Buddleja 'Buzz' revisited

Posted: 28/11/2013 at 13:09

I have one of these - but think it may have been mislabelled!

Planted it ito my border this year and it was over 6ft tall - will need to rehome it somewhere more suitable as the flowers looked and smelled lovely, and were covered in beneficial insects!

Brown tail moth caterpillar Scotland

Posted: 29/08/2013 at 13:13

I found one of these on a heuchera in my garden too - didn't know what type it was so relocted it to a geranium patch that i don't really like, and was happy for it to eat as much of that as it wanted!

When we had a the warmer weather a few weks ago i found a frog in the greenhouse enjoying a dip in the water tray for my cucumber - was quite happy so i just left to make it's on way home when it had finished paddling!

Herbaceous Peony bot growing

Posted: 04/07/2013 at 18:04

Thanks all - i'm just going to have to be patient and hope for the best!

Herbaceous Peony bot growing

Posted: 02/07/2013 at 08:23

Thanks Bob and Jennifer - i'll leave it alone now and hope for the best!

Herbaceous Peony bot growing

Posted: 01/07/2013 at 13:07

Thanks again - i've lifted the root up so that the pink buds are showing through the compost.

I've leave it a few weeks to see if it grows at all - if not i'll pop it in a pot and hope for the best for next year, and put something else in its place to cover the gap.

Herbaceous Peony bot growing

Posted: 29/06/2013 at 11:46

Thanks nutcutlet - that's what i get for following instructions!

I'll dig it up later and put the buds above ground - fingers crossed it will grow!

Herbaceous Peony bot growing

Posted: 28/06/2013 at 13:19


I am hoping someone can help with a peony problem - not something i've attempted to grow before, so not sure what's the best approach.

I was given a herbaceous Peony "Kansas" crown by a friend - it was from known garden centre and i followed the instructions, initially putting the crown in a pot until the weather improved to enable me to dig over it's proper place in the garden.

The crown had 3 little pink buds, which are still there but it has not produced any leaves - it was in the pot for a few weeks and has been in the garden for about 3 months. I made sure it wasn't planted too deep (5cm below soil surface) and added in some fertiliser when i planted it.

Have i done something wrong and won't get any growth this year - or has my friend been sold a dud by the garden centre and i should just dig it up?

I have a blank space in the garden so did think about putting something else in its place and putting it back in to a pot somewhere safe and hope for the best next year!

Any help gratefully received!

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Herbaceous Peony bot growing

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