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Hi Experts.

I know its a strange one but i have around 20 pap soms Giganthiums planted 3 months ago into pots which are now quite large. They have been outside, fairly sheltered over the mildest winter ever. They have had a small amount of frost but i dont think they'll get much more. Some are single in small to mid size pots, a few are in large pots but i have 2/3 in those. Today i pulled off any dead/brown leaves and i will put some nitrogen into any that are pale tomorrow.

My questions are

Will the singles in small pots produce pods in the small pots??

Will 3 be OK in the larger pots??

Should i transplant all into a raised bed??

Should i put the best/biggest into a large cold frame??

I sowed around 1000 seeds at the same time as these, into the ground, but i have no sign of any growth???

When should i sow the next 20000 seeds into the ground???

Any other thoughts for garantied large healthy Pods((Fnarr Fnarr))~?????

 I am aware these are real/proper opium poppies and i am aware i am not breaking the law by growing them. We want as many pods as quick as possible for an art exhibition in the summer.....

All good help welcome...







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Mine are still flowering at the moment, even my potted balls,north south and east facing. Even so I'm leaving all but the potted ones in the ground this year. I seem to have the same sucess rate if I dig them as leave them (actually bigger earlier if left). I will protect them though.

Alum in a pot.

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For next summer i want some white arum lillies in my front north facing garden in a large planter built around the bay window. How are these in pots and planters?? The planter will be around 4m around the bay and as deep as it needs to be.

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