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Pruning now?

Posted: 01/01/2016 at 22:22

I do nodal ( two node )  for hardwood cuttings. They can be quite long, maybe 30 cms, so I use deep rose pots filled with John Innes Seed & Cutting Compost. They are OK in a cold frame or cold greenhouse, strike rate is not as good as with softwood cuttings but as the material is being thrown away well worth trying, sometimes the new top growth is visible long before roots have formed so patience is vital, good luck.

Pruning now?

Posted: 01/01/2016 at 19:21

Ideal hardwood cutting material, try a few.

Hardy Geranium?

Posted: 21/12/2015 at 15:52

Looks like a geranium oxonianum seedling from here.

Hardy geraniums are species and cultivars, so are cranesbills, a slang term for geranium.    Heronsbill is slang for erodium.

Clematis Coming of Age

Posted: 19/11/2015 at 18:59

I have lots of integrifolia seeds from blue, white and pink forms if anyone wants a few to try, no charge, but please note they do not come true from seed, so you never know what you will end up with, they are all super plants for the mixed herbaceous border, reliably hardy, flowering July to September, ranging in height from 1 ft to 4 or 5 ft.

Named forms, of which there are many, can be propagated by division.

Geranium cuttings

Posted: 15/11/2015 at 18:25

 We take 1000's of clematis cuttings every year, using Doff rooting powder, certain times of year I use gel, OK.

An elderly visitor to my nursery told me about the custard powder.

Always willing to learn, we tried a few Polish Spirit ( easy ) cuttings rather late in the season, using Doff powder, Clonex gel and CP, custard powder. 

Results as shown.


Geranium cuttings

Posted: 14/11/2015 at 21:34

Tip...........try using ordinary custard powder instead of hormone rooting powder,


Clematis dried leaves

Posted: 07/11/2015 at 20:08

Most clematis are deciduous and it is a natural occurrence that the foliage turns brown and the leaves drop off,

Give us a few more clues as to the cultivar / species name, please ?

Big flower, medium sized flower, colour etc.

Delphinium flowering late again!

Posted: 19/10/2015 at 21:35


Best late flowering clematis?

Posted: 18/10/2015 at 19:12

2 very good tips there from obelixx, deadheading is well worth the effort ( unless you collect seeds as I do ) and also try treating your group 2's as group 3's, in other words prune them hard in Spring.

While we are on the clematis subject ( you started it ) another vital group of clematis for a stunning Summer border is the herbaceous group, mainly integrifolias, but some of the integrifolia x viticella ( x diversifolia ) are superb when grown through obelisks or canes in the mixed border. Arabella probably 1 of the best.

Best late flowering clematis?

Posted: 18/10/2015 at 18:37

In her latest splendid book Making a Garden, Carol Klein has devoted a chapter to the clematis growing in our garden at The Hawthornes in Lancashire, text and pictures.

She has chosen to include 2 pictures of Etoile Violette, 1 of them growing on an open trellis fence, the other growing over a yellow shrubby potentilla, the yellow and purple look stunning together.

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