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green manure and crop rotation from strawberries to tomatoes

Posted: 16/09/2012 at 21:13

I have been growing strawbs for a couple of years in a raised bed.  Today I cleared the bed and moved 9 of the plants to a newly manured different raised bed.  In the old one, I want to prepare it for next year's tomatoes by planting a green manure that will break up the soil and recharge it over the winter.

Does anyone know what I should plant?


Monty Donn

Posted: 16/09/2012 at 21:09

I saw this programme and went out the next day and cut the spent buds off my buddleia.  Today, I did it again and it was two shoots to the side of the head I cut off about 3 weeks ago.  My budd is still covered in Red Admirals so it's been a good year for it (which is Royal Red I think - inherited with house).


Green wall design for shady spot

Posted: 16/09/2012 at 20:47

I think I'd go with planting at the top in soil and have hanging, flowering plants that you renew each year as opposed to ...ivy growing up the wall.  I'm not an expert so someone might come along and say otherwise but the conditions you describe are tough so ivy would possibly survive but in troughs, you'd still have to water.  I have an ivy that survives/thrives in very little, poor soil but I suspect it searches under the house and patio beyond its small bed so it is not containerised.  Just my thoughts, hope it's helpful.

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green manure and crop rotation from strawberries to tomatoes

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