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Something to block out sound of neighbours voice!

Posted: 28/06/2013 at 07:13

Luckily a neighbour had spotted the "tree Surgeon" and new he wasn't much cop! I got him back to ask why he's been over onto my property and cut out one of the main bows? he preseeded to explain how she'd told him ,"anything over hanging my garden cut it off". She avoided me for weeks.

Well this morning I think her builders are going to feel her wrath. She was kicking off last night again,  looks like they've made a cock up with her drive! her husband was out last night with a tape measure measuring the curb stones against the wall the builders have just began building. Oh well what goes around comes around, Karma and all that!

Something to block out sound of neighbours voice!

Posted: 28/06/2013 at 07:06

Thank you all once again for all your kind words of wit and wisdom . I've got up this morning with quite a positive attitude towards said neighbour. Today will be an afternoon spent putting a strategy together. My comphrey steeping box with lid was broken when we where building last year, so I'm off to buy another it will be placed near to the fence so if she sits shouting her gob off I'll just open the lid! I'm a gardener I can handle the stench! Its sad to read all your own personal stories of neighbours behaving badley, also refreshing that their are genuine nice people out there too.

Osakazuki wrote (see)

Mummy Muddy Paws wrote (see)

When I lived in a council flat as a teenager, my bedroom adjoined the next-door bedroom, and I suffered with the sounds of their music, or even worse, them bumping uglies.  One day after they'd finished, a couple of my mates were round, and after listening open-mouthed to the 'oh, yes!' and 'give it to me big boy' (I kid you not!), we gave them a round of appause, cheering, whistling etc.  They were never quite as noisy again!  The other thing they did was listen to pop music all of the time, I had a couple of classical CD's so used to turn those on full blast when it got a bit too much.

Do you have a lurverly singing voice?  I used to be able to empty the pub I worked in at closing time, with the first two minutes of 'bohemian rhapsody'.  An unusual talent, but one that came in handy.  Maybe you could try learning Welsh, or Urdu, outside, with one of those tape things?  I know that would annoy me, if my neighbours did that.  Or if you're going to be really evil, wait until their extension is finished, and push fish heads through the air vents (the stink will drive them mad, and they'll never figure out where it's coming from.  Failing that, have you got a small boy in the family who has a burning ambtion to learn the trombone?  If you think a small child and a recorder is a bad combination, you ain't heard anything till you team a 7 year old boy with a trombone.

Could you get one of those garden mirrors and angle it so the evening sun would be reflected onto their patio area?  Water features are a good idea, as are windchimes.

As for a name, I tend to use 'biffa' a lot.  Looks like the back of a garbage truck with all the desirability of one.

Don't get mad, get evil!

Ha haa that was class giving the round of applause...

Yes I have the most impressive Les Dawson impression as he did it with a piano, I can worble my vocal cords like you've never heard especially to REM's 'Shiny Happy People'.

Believe this if you will, I have just brought downstairs last weekend my Bongo's. My boys bought them for me one christmas with the intent of getting me to learn a percussion instrument...I'm still in the learning stage! LOL.

Oh I'm all for blocking out her sunshine after an incident a few years ago. she has a massive leylandi in the garden behind her which takes away a lot of their late afternoon sunshine, one year she got a "Tree Surgeon" yes in inverted commas! to top it, she did ask permission to cut off a few over hanging branches off my really old mountain ash! I said it was ok. I came home from work to discover she'd had about a third lopped off my tree I was furious, It had so spoilt its shape, it was a gorgeous specimen.

Moon Garden Suggestions....

Posted: 27/06/2013 at 20:44

I'm sure they are perennial and stay in the ground


Seaweed Feed

Posted: 27/06/2013 at 18:49

Do you know I live two miles from the sea and never used the stuff! shame on me...this weekend I think we'll take a trip to the beach to see what I can gather. I do comphrey tea at 1:9 if thats any good!

Evergreen shrub suggestions

Posted: 27/06/2013 at 18:38

Box for shape maybe!

Moon Garden Suggestions....

Posted: 27/06/2013 at 18:35

oooo I bought some white alliums the other week, I know it may be too late for this year as mine are now going to seed but they are really tall....just a minute I'll go ahve a look at their name.............................Mount Everest

holly tree

Posted: 27/06/2013 at 18:28

Mine shed this time of year, then you'll get loads of new growth, I've grown mine like lolly pops I dug one up last year when we where building and its in a pot thriving, usually they don't like to be moved!

Iris Flower Stalks

Posted: 27/06/2013 at 18:26

Cheers chaps/chapesses

Something to block out sound of neighbours voice!

Posted: 27/06/2013 at 18:20

Aw thanks for sharing your experience nikki, I supose I should be thankful that they are not noisy all the time. My sister had an experience similar to your own. This week her neighbours got evicted! her troubles have been going on for over 2 years with death threats against them. So yes I thank my lucky stars I haven't got it as bad as some. all I want is to drown out her horrible voice when she decides to sit right next to us on her extended patio. I'm busy pricing up the componants for one of these water blade waterfalls. which will  look good in my garden and hopefully affect her bladder!

hmmm fr liquid comfrey sounds just the ticket I might just water my plants with it next time I'm out there  although I do sit in that area too

Something to block out sound of neighbours voice!

Posted: 27/06/2013 at 17:11

Kef I know exactly what your saying...Its seems when I write that I have excuses for all suggestions. I did throw an olive branch about a month ago. It was 2.30 in the morning and there was an awful disturbance next door. She was screaming like a banshee at her Son and Husband. The worse I've ever heard them. The next morning her builder came knocking at my door, he said that he'd heard we'd had a disturbing night of which I replied 'yes' then he asked me if I'd go and see if she was alright...I was the last person she wanted to see that morning, but knowing it had been a bad fight i sighed, gritted my teeth and the next minute stood at her front door. Her face was a picture of dread, like i said I was the last person she needed to see. I found myself asking her if she would like to come in for a coffee. Now I vowed that hell would freeze over before she would ever set a foot in my door! now she's sat pouring her heart out for two hours. I thought we'd sorted our differences, I was so wrong, I've even passed pleasentries over the fence! but if she clocks me first she puts her head down and makes a sharp exit. I'm now under the impression she jumped at the chance (even under the circumstances) of coming into my house because she wanted to see if hers was better than mine! I was being sincere and genuinely felt sorry for her. Now I feel like I was a fool.

My hubby summed her up its like she's raising her elbows and trying to push us out the way with her brashness. She once told me she was bullied, I do believe she has turned into one herself.

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