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Talkback: Protecting banana plants over winter

Posted: 28/10/2012 at 03:40

Bubble wrapping the pot is fine but never use bubble wrap around the plant itself as this will cause rotting. Use fleece on the plant as this allows the plant to breath. All of my banana's are planted directly into the garden, they all survived the last two bad winters, I always cover the root area with the leaves from the plants and a layer of fleece as well. Its messy to clear up in the spring but the plants survive and that’s the whole point. Before wrapping the stem of the plant remove all of the lower leaves, if possible leave the growing tip only. Then wrap a double layer of fleece from the top to the bottom and tie it with soft string to stop it blowing off. Make sure that the plant is protected right down to the soil level with the double layer of fleece. Check it on a regular basis and all should be well.

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