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Mare's Tail

Posted: 07/09/2013 at 13:03

I had mares tails in my previous garden (no I did not move to France to escape it!). Luckily it was not the infestation some of you seem to have. My solution for a few stems was a little like that of our engineer friend and his plastic pipes but I used poly bags. I crushed the stems wearing a rubber glove liberally coated with glyphosphate mixed with dishwashing gel, then put a poly bag over the stem and secured it closed with a twistum at the base of the stem. It was then left for several weeks. I had no regrowth.


Posted: 07/09/2013 at 12:43

sodium hydroxide or caustic soda would kill all remaining weed seeds and any viable roots but as I cannot buy it I want to use something to ensure a belt and braces job.

I am happy with my planting scheme, having purchased the planters and the plants already. Phormiums were chosen as the site is very, very hot and closed on two sides by one, the house with white walls and secondly by a white wall one and a half metres high beside the swimming pool. the site is otherwise closed by a concrete. and stone patio. It is some distance from any other planting and so I am not concerned about anything leeching from the site.

The weed blanket i have bought is dense and of good quality, it will be doubled in several places.

It seems as if the advice is not to bother with any additional soil treatment



Posted: 07/09/2013 at 08:14

I am preparing a very hot, very dry area of my garden to become a scree garden. It will have a weed supressing blanket and the 5+ cms of small shards of slate. On top will be three very large planters with phormiums.

The ground previously had some shrubs, brambles and a few blackthorn growing in it. I have removed all the vegetation and dug out almost all the roots, only leaving small, thread like roots.


I have attempted to buy caustic soda to "sterilise" the soil before putting down the weed blanket but I have been told that the use of caustic soda is now banned here in France. I have been offered glyphosphate but it seems to me that this would be pointless on bare soil.


Suggestions, please.

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