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Problem Ordering Free Plants on line

Posted: 22/11/2013 at 17:14

If it's to early why put the offer link on the web site. Just tried again and still no joy. Will have to do it the old fashioned way and send the coupon and a cheque. Wanted to get them ordered as I'm away most of December and didn't want to miss the offer.

Problem Ordering Free Plants on line

Posted: 21/11/2013 at 18:00

I've been trying to order the free Dahlia plants from the December magazine but when I get to order processing I keep getting a message saying "message from webpage - error on page please re-try". I've re-tried about 6 times now and gave up so don't know if my order has actually gone through. I've tried re-starting my order from scratch but it keeps coming up the same.  Has anyone else had problems?

Crown Imperials

Posted: 23/04/2013 at 09:46

The one's I planted in September 2011 came up last year and flowered beautifully, this year they are up but only leaves, no sign on flowers so dont know what's happened there. I planted some new ones, the other end of the boarder, last September  and they are up and have flower buds.

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Problem Ordering Free Plants on line

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