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Posted: 03/10/2012 at 20:11

Christoper2 - I cannot believe you grow them outside - we went down to -12 last two winters!  Tried overwintering in my unheated greenhouse but even though well wrapped up etc. they rotted off.  In regard to unusual plants - I try to grow things my visitors (I open under the NGS scheme) would not normally see.  Rehmannia, Asarum Splendem, Nicandra, Liriope Muscari, "Spotty Dotty", Eucomis etc. etc.  Also tried a lovely petunia called "Pretty Much Picasso" this year.  They say you can overwinter it but the plant gave up the ghost and so did the cuttings!  I shall try again next year.


Posted: 01/10/2012 at 20:11

I have a large collection of Aeoniums.  I leave them in the garden all summer and bring them into my south facing conversatory in September.  Immediately they are brought in they start dropping their lower leaves.  This continues throughout the winter months with the stems getting longer and longer!  Come Spring they perk up and start growing again.  I have tried gently cutting out the centres (which makes them bushier) but does anyone know a solution to my problem?  Should I water more often?  They are quite dry at the moment.  Also how can I induce them to flower (which one did a couple of years ago).  Please help.

Talkback: How to lift and store dahlias

Posted: 30/09/2012 at 18:56

I grow all my dahlias in large pots.  I lift them before they are frosted - usually when they start to look straggly (October time).  I dry them off upside down in the greenhouse for a couple of days.  I then wrap them in newspaper and store them in cardboard boxes in my loft.  I have not had any failures.  This year (and the tubers are a few years old now) they reached 6 ft. and gave a truly wonderful display.

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Does anyone know how to stop them dropping their leaves during the winter months? 
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