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Posted: Today at 09:38

goodness yea! mine were 10 week srtocks and brompton stocks, i've also grown mathiola incana which is a perennial stock!!


Posted: Yesterday at 08:14

wow, i genuinely thought stocks were annuals, I've already pulled up loads from last yaer! how very annoying!! oh well, got another couple of pots of seedling just sprouted, so I'll leave those in!!!

wild flowers

Posted: Yesterday at 08:05

last yera i bought a pack of pictorial meadows wildflower seed (we visit frequently, esp in summer, great day out for kids)  our soil is clay and we don't have anywhere really sunny enough for them, except near the front door in a large pot, would this work? when best to sow, do I need to put them in the fridge for a bit, and what potting mix should I use ( this is my 5 year olddaughter's project, she'll be so happy  if she can grow a mini meadow!)

Bargain plants

Posted: Yesterday at 07:59

that's really interesting aym, thankyou on both counts, fingers crossed for my dicentra to reappear then!!

Bargain plants

Posted: Yesterday at 07:10

i was fancying a dicentra, got one last year but think I killed it moving it just 1 bulb in a pack from wilko?

Bargain plants

Posted: 26/02/2017 at 08:08

meant to add, lidl is next door, got 3 packets of flower seed (sweet pea  'bijou' sweet williams and annual phlox (didn't know it existed, may do better than my perennial) 29p each!

Bargain plants

Posted: 26/02/2017 at 08:06

not plant bargain but very large pots in b&m bargains for £3.50! They're just plastic, but I'm going to place mine behind bench, they're about £20 in local gc


Posted: 26/02/2017 at 07:55

thanks aym, they have a reprieve! Just cos I didn't know if they would rebloom, I adore stocks!Will add some tom feed, not yet though?


Posted: 26/02/2017 at 07:54

ooh talking of roses, slight departure but I took a few rose cutting last year, some are now a year old, I've potted on which had been sharing a pot with a clematis ( just bunged it in when I pruned), it had a few roots and now it looks happy in it's new pot, how long should I be leaving them before I disturb them? I can't really fit any more roses in ( er... apart from the Rosa Mundi I bought yesterday from brilliant local rose nursery...)

Please help - fence disaster!

Posted: 25/02/2017 at 07:45

I'm really not very knowledgable at whether planting would let wind through... surely unless it was incredibly dense it would? I'd get planting!what aspect is it?

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