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Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: Today at 07:49

ps OL i seem to remember Monty saying last year 'pick EVERY day, but completely remove all flowers every 10 days, I did that anfd had loads of flowers for weeks ( unlike this year when by being a blithering idiot i have no flowers now at all)

riddle solved

Posted: Today at 07:47 then...the mystery of the dying sweet peas...the honeysuckle to their left had really really bad whitefly, sprayed for a week or so with soapy water, theyy were getting worse and moving to other plants so i got organic bug clear, sprayed for 3 weeks,still didn't go so chopped it down. could the whitefly have killed the peas?NO BUT THE !$"£*! SPRAY DID!!!!! i read, ok skim read very briefly the instructions, but when i checked further down the writing on the back i found to my horror and amazement it said 'do not use on sweet peas or begonias' so, on the 'what have i learned this year in the garden' thread i will put 'read the instructions PROPERLY!!! huge apologies for being such a prize twit, especially to poor David whose life I have pestered out and whose advice was spot on, I'm relieved to find out at least I can have my peas next year the garden is very much lacking without them

what to put here

Posted: Today at 07:30

thanks for reading and comments, got soooo many hardy geraniums, want something larger and evergreen, planning rose mme alfred carriere or possibly pauls himalayan musk and clematis montana for pergola it'll be around15 feet tall and 22 feet long

Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: Today at 07:27's 100% NOT your advice, that was faultless...have been playing sherlock...look at my new thread....don't tell me off too much pleeease

Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: Yesterday at 09:45

sorry posted same pic twice,these were roots of dying ones

 and here is when they just started to show problems, the blooms were very small

 and one when they were ok sniff


what to put here

Posted: Yesterday at 09:34

 sorry the above referes to the 2nd pic, note the stylish hello kitty accessory, the 1st pic is the,,,work are i'm hopiong to havew a pergola built here to grow montana and a climbing or rambling rose up, it's east facing and gets around 3or4 hours of early sun in summer, again suggestions welcome

what to put here

Posted: Yesterday at 09:31

hi this is a north faing area that has jacmine and an inherited unknown white ramblong rose at the top of the fence, o have some helebores and a hydrangea that came back this year from the dead but has no buds or flowers, i was thinking of osmanthus or a camellia here, i'm going to move the crocosmia as there are pink geraniums a little further up and as you look along the border the colours look awful together, any other ideas? i'm losing the plot with what to put where at the moment

Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: Yesterday at 09:26


Love your garden

Posted: Yesterday at 09:10

btw i don't watch or read the news either..!

Love your garden

Posted: Yesterday at 09:09

dove i totally agree i cry at the theme tune to champion the wonder horse !! i'm ridiculously sensitive so much that i actually don't watch lyg any more at all, there was 1 3 weeks ago that stunned me, i was so upset i really didn't care what they planted, i think it's mawkish and not really for me, like alan perfectly well but i won't watch again, shame, i know i should get a grip but i never even get inspired by the gardens, they're out of reach for most people

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