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Mystery Plant

Posted: 19/05/2015 at 18:18

This is a photo of the plants in the lawn with the side border and the tree in the background to show the distance to the nearest tree.


Mystery Plant

Posted: 19/05/2015 at 18:12

Thanks you both for your replies.

Nutcutlet - There are three trees on that side of my garden. I just been out and measrued and the nearest is about 9 feet and that's the nearest tree to the plant in the flower bed. Its a Prunus Cerasifera Nigra (Purple Leafed Plum).

I have also tried to dig one of them out but the roots are woody and deep (Disturbed the allium bulbs as well that what the white objects are in the photos) See the photos below.

 The leaves don't match any on my three trees, but I am inclined to think they are suckers.

What is the best way to get rid of them?



Is this an Astrantia?

Posted: 19/05/2015 at 15:28

Thanks for the replies and the tip to keep it watered.

I think its suffered in the past as I haven't kept it water.





Mystery Bulb

Posted: 19/05/2015 at 15:24

Thanks for your replies.

I was thinking that it was from the allium family and its has an oniony smell.

I like the pretty white flowers but the leaves tend to flop easily and look untidy.






Is this an Astrantia?

Posted: 19/05/2015 at 12:52

One last plant for identification please?

I was about to pull this plant out thinking it was a weed then I remembered that I did have an astrantia growing in that area.


Mystery Bulb

Posted: 19/05/2015 at 12:48

Please can someone identify this flowering bulb for me?

I planted it years ago but can't remember what is was called.


Mystery Plant

Posted: 19/05/2015 at 12:44

Does anyone know what this plant is?

It has seeded itself in the flower bed and on the lawn. A couple in the bed but about  5 clumps in the lawn.

Well I call it a lawn more like a wild meadow at the moment.

It's only on the right hand side of my garden and some of the grass area used to be a flower bed before we had the extension done a few years ago.

In the first photo it's the plant with the red tinged leaves in the forefront.



Geum - taking cuttings

Posted: 03/09/2014 at 17:09

Hi Berghill

Thanks for the advice. Luckily that bit of the flower bed is weed free at the moment as I dug it over after removing as old hebe shrub.

Geum - taking cuttings

Posted: 03/09/2014 at 16:10


Is it okay to put cuttings straight into a flower bed rather than pot up in fresh compost?

The reason I ask is that yesterday I cut back this Geum Lional Cox as it was spilling over onto the patio. Then I decided to plant up the pieces I has cut off as they had some roots but I had run out of compost so I planted a few in a flower bed and the others round the edge of a pot with a small patio rose. I did water them afterwards.



Monarda Mohawk - care advice

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 12:24


Can the Monarda Mohawk be grown in the shade?

Currently I have it in a pot on the patio which is in full sun. This year I took it out of the pot so that I could remove all the weeds from around its roots. Then I split it into seperate plants and put the main plant back in the original pot with fresh compost. Its still not very happy and hasn't flowered this year.

Shall I plant it up in the flower bed which is in the shade of a tree and hope it bucks up?

Any advice appreciated.

Thank you



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