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Pound shop plants- any success stories?

Posted: 11/04/2012 at 14:55

maybe you need to up the feed/mulch and i would prune out old growth at the right time to encourage new shoots that will hopefully flower well for you


Posted: 11/04/2012 at 14:53

i would suggest cutting off the runners and even removing the fruit trusses in the first year...keep one plant to get runners from but treat the others as described..they are an easy plant to grow but protect any fruit and watch for slugs and if you wait for the perfect moment to pick fruit then the birds will have them early one the first sign of readiness pick and eat!!!so next year with a bit of feed and care you will have lots of new plants and lots of 2yr old plants ready to harvest

Clarify the drought pls!

Posted: 11/04/2012 at 14:44

also dont forget water from the house, if you use the condensed water from your tumble dryer..or if kids have a bath as a mild soap is generally used so shouldnt harm plants in the ground for a one off...i would use water from cooking even....any non chemical water would be fine and if you diluted it with collected rain water then all the better...but yes ive seen it on news sites that drip irrigation is not part of the it may be a good investment for future years

how to deal with the apple tree pests?

Posted: 11/04/2012 at 14:36

if its aphids then a light soapy spray on the leaves or even rub them off will help, i found that the year i mulched with manure the tree put on loads of new leafy growth and was attacked by now i dont feed them at all, just thin the fruits after the june drop and they are fine


Posted: 11/04/2012 at 14:32

i would think that the heat of inside made them bolt, did you keep them moist??try cutting the shoot out and putting them outside or in the ground and keep well watered, 

Pound shop plants- any success stories?

Posted: 11/04/2012 at 14:27

all too true emma....oh and i also leave them in water for a really good drink before i plant them..its pot luck but 90% of these cheap plants do well if you are selective and i dont have a lot of cash to spare so it really helps....and over here aldi and lidl do great offers on bare root trees and all have done well..the dearer trees from nurserys didnt do as well as the cheaper buys

potting bench

Posted: 11/04/2012 at 14:15

this is potting bench which is unfinished, i have to add a few bits and bobs but wanted to show you how simple it can be and free to make items like this,,it will look much better when ive clad the front and added a large shelf underneath for storage and painted it..and with a few hooks on the front i can store my tools too!!

potting bench

Posted: 11/04/2012 at 14:13

dirty nails

Posted: 11/04/2012 at 13:56

heres a tip for the ladies..if you dont like gardening gloves...dig your nails into a bar of soap so when you finish in the garden not so much dirt gets under them and your hands wash much easier!!

The Blessing of a new Allotment

Posted: 11/04/2012 at 13:54

and not to mention twee gifts like nail sets haha oh dear lord if you saw my dirty nails and calloused hands!!!!!

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