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Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 26/06/2014 at 22:21

Would you all like to see some photos of our plants being delivered to the flood victims?  See below!!!

So many messages of thanks on the facebook pages now.  People talking about bringing smiles back on faces, real morale boosts, such happiness at seeing things green and growing among the misery.  This week Moorland celebrated the first three families moving back into their homes!  So big smiles everyone, and thank you all again so much....





Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 18:10


Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 23/06/2014 at 08:33

Well done Lizzie!

Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 22/06/2014 at 09:51

Thinking of you, Lizzie!  Glad you've got the stunning weather....


Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 17/06/2014 at 08:32

Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 16/06/2014 at 10:00

Just a few of our plants being put to use... these ones being used to cheer up whole community!


Fast (annual?) climbers for instant effect... now?

Posted: 15/06/2014 at 22:03

Thanks - will nip to garden centre tomorrow and get some nasturtium seeds - or young plants if I can find them.

How fast do you think they would grow if planted now?  Is there anything I could do to speed them up?


Fast (annual?) climbers for instant effect... now?

Posted: 15/06/2014 at 11:29

Oh dear.  I've messed up.

For various reasons (including new puppy!) I'm terribly behind in my gardening tasks and have also managed to kill off my young sweet pea plants.

I've got two obelisks (5 foot tall) by my front door, which were destined to be covered with sweet peas this summer.  Is there anything that I can plant now to grow up them which will give me similar sort of show over the summer? 

Any suggestions welcome!



Transport needed for flooded gardens

Posted: 12/06/2014 at 17:50

Well done Chicky!  Great job!


Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 12/06/2014 at 17:49

Hello everyone, sorry I've been so vacant!  Life is a bit ridiculously busy at the moment.  For those of you on facebook, the page is Community Blooms.

I'll try and get an update on how the planting is going and post it up here in the next few days or so!



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