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About me:I am senior enjoy my gardening and am quite good at taking cutting most of my roses are cuttings from my old bushesI have a Duke of Windsor Hybrid Tea Rose I bought in early sixtys love my roses am having a go at growing tomato plants I am hoping they will survive this year they look alright at momentalso love my boxer Rubywho if in garden when I am weeding or planting will help me out by digging up what I have put in hence she in indoors while I work on gardenhavent been able to get in garden this last 9 mths due to cancer but glad to say had op am now on the mend and have been doing little jobs among my potted plants I have 2 cherry tom plants and 2 peppers i hope they grow for me weather here in wales not very good but my Agapanthus has 4 lovely big buds I am so pleased
more coming soon...