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Posted: Yesterday at 23:47 that's utter nonsense Digger... newcomers are often welcomed... not by me... gave that up.. but by many others...too much so I think, as so often they never hear from them again...    you're making a mountain out of a molehill on this...


Posted: Yesterday at 23:43
Digger wrote (see)

Salino, no one is singled out in my comments about being in a clique. Your comments are pointless and do not contribute to a solution but merely try to charge a conflict...that is more like a clique.

..then I shall offer you a solution Digger.   If you want to avoid clicky chat threads, which you mentioned earlier, then don't click on 'latest posts' as this is where one becomes exposed to them as they are usually in a heap at the top... instead go straight to 'forum topics' as you will find 'potting shed' and 'talkback' right at the bottom, virtually out of sight... and if you want...out of mind...

...I rarely do 'chat'.... although I have to say, I don't mind a bit of argy never know why anyone complains about it... I think it's quite fun...


Posted: Yesterday at 23:13
Digger wrote (see)

Salino, you actually think that by referring someone to another forum contributor who you know to have the answer is 'clicky' then you are totally missing the point too. How is helping someone 'clicky'??? A clique is a small exclusive group. Not an individual who directs another to the place they need. Think what I am saying!!! Stop being apologists!

...well..yes I do, in this case, as you think that it's only that person that can provide you with the answer - that's clicky....

Verdun tries very hard, but I wouldn't want his opinion on Bamboo's or Roses... lol..

...once you start singling out people then you're getting real clicky...  



Posted: Yesterday at 22:58

..actually Digger I would consider your last sentence to be clicky, the very thing that you are objecting to, as what you are doing there is singling out one member as being over and above all others...  so if you ask a question, no point anyone else responding to you then...?....


Posted: Yesterday at 22:33

..I understand what Digger is saying but if we're looking for in depth plant discussions then I don't think this is the place really, although the photo threads can be quite nice..

...sometimes during the summer there's more of interest...

...these days I rarely answer newer members as so often I find you never hear from them again, and I just think it's been an awful waste of everyone's time... and often we go to a lot of trouble with our replies....


What to plant under a tree?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:30

..have you never thought of getting rid of the tree?... it's only going to get bigger..and bigger...and so on... a lot of gardeners would probably regard Sycamore's as nuisance trees and that one does look a bit precarious too.

Acers - Rewarding - easy to grow ?

Posted: 27/10/2014 at 14:34

..there are lots to choose from, what sort do you like? dwarf, tall?... I still enjoy the oft seen Acer palmatum 'atropurpureum' and we can ignore 'ultimate heights' as it takes years before it might outgrow its welcome... depending on what you've got growing around that little plot..

I have a dwarf one, that spreads wider than tall... nice colour right the background here... but I prune to shape...


YOUR view of music over the years.

Posted: 24/10/2014 at 12:13

...mountain....molehill...Mr Allen...

Presley is a recent comforter...which is odd I suppose....something about that deep broody voice...

...Doris Day -...I listen to her just as much... otherwise all the usual crap down the years... never liked punk or jazz that much...punk a complete turn off... have failed to tell us what you like..

YOUR view of music over the years.

Posted: 23/10/2014 at 23:53

..oh dear,  a rude word popped up.... most!

YOUR view of music over the years.

Posted: 23/10/2014 at 23:51

Elvis Presley....

..especially this one, which I'm sure you'll appreciate Mr Allen....

..although I think this long winded version of Miss Patty's... is rather more spectacular.... if you can stand it... 

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