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Posted: Yesterday at 15:01

..aah..ok.. I think I used to watch the spin off series from this called 'KYTV'....  although I don't remember it that well, which is surprising as it sounds like my cup of tea... all a bit dated now I suppose..,  and I haven't listened to radio since 'Round The Horne'


Posted: Yesterday at 13:12

lol..!... oh my goodness.. thank you...  sorry to put you to that trouble...I didn't dare look myself...

Blue plant?

Posted: Yesterday at 13:09

..I think it's Anagallis 'Blue Pimpernel'... have a look at that one..

Late perennials for the white garden

Posted: Yesterday at 12:19

..I love white Phlox's and white Cleome's.... it's good to ring the changes with some of these....  for a shrublet, Cistus 'Thrive' still going strong for me... has been since June..and I cannot get enough of this plant...


Posted: Yesterday at 12:14

..I know those but don't know what FUBAR means...this is new to me... perhaps someone could post, discreetly, using *** and suchlike...thank


...thanks FG...wasn't aware of the radio show but I always quite liked Angus Deaton and miss him very much on HIGNFY.....

must be loads of people called that though...suppose we should feel sorry for


Posted: 28/09/2014 at 21:17

...a wise move although there is a similar one doing the rounds... but I won't go there..

...reminds me though of when I worked for BT doing reverse charge calls... the caller would give me their name as 'Mike Hunt'... so when the other number answered I had to say...''Mike Hunt is calling from a payphone will you pay for the call?...'' ....cue roars of laughter...

...of course, I wondered what it was all about....???


Posted: 28/09/2014 at 20:41

..there are times when I'd like to use it...issues of decency get in the way...  perhaps Pauline has it about right....


Posted: 28/09/2014 at 20:31 one I like very much, it's so unladylike... and I am determined to use it...

Late perennials for the white garden

Posted: 28/09/2014 at 11:28
Fairygirl wrote (see)

The white ones are lovely Salino but I've never grown them as I'd have to pot them and keep them protected over winter here. I'm tempted for next year though  

..yeah... hot sun, drainage for winter, and stony soil I find is necessary for mine....perhaps a bit challenging for damp gardens...... but I'm going to get a whole lot more....

Late perennials for the white garden

Posted: 28/09/2014 at 09:51 might like the white version of Nerine bowdenii, which we usually see in pink.  Mine are just coming into flower right now, they make good clumps for frontal positions and I find the white to be a little more sparkling actually..

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