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Best support for growing clematis to cover wooden fence

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 13:38

..when I put up wire supports for these things I make a grid type framework using both vertical and horizontal wiring, rather like a crossword puzzle....however, with 2 montanas and 2 honeysuckles... eventually these are just going to be doing their own thing regardless of any help from us... in fact I might panic a little at the prospect of having to manage these... they will soon take over your fence, flop down the other side...and intermingle and mangle amongst themselves... but look jolly nice for it... I wouldn't worry about it too much to be honest,... the work comes later when you try to keep them under some sort of control...

What's the best book you've EVER read ?

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 13:12

..War and Peace....the first page was brill...

Rambling rose on a fence

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 13:10 the middle, or at least where its wingspan, if you like, can be spread out equally either side.... it will look quite wrong otherwise.

Rhs plant shop

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 09:51 I've mentioned before here, the RHS uses Crocus for all their plants orders.  It's in their terms and conditions, the plants do not come from RHS Wisley plant centre.

You will find the same offer on the Crocus web site.

(Please note: this site, and all orders from it, are managed on our behalf by Limited)


small trees to form an arch

Posted: 18/10/2014 at 19:11

..I like fruiting arches, but if trees are required in this situation without a metal framework, then I might plant 2 cordon trained apple trees supported by bamboo cane until they are trained across the top... grow about 8 foot... I think they are pruned just once a year...


Best Plant to cover a drain cover

Posted: 18/10/2014 at 18:48

..if you are able to plant something small in the ground next to the manhole cover, then a very cheap and simple solution can be achieved with one of these below... for about 6 months of the year.   I would put a short but upright bird bath in the middle of the cover for all year round, one that's strong enough to withstand wind but not so strong that it couldn't easily be moved, or a little decorative feature like my mushroom below.... 

Geranium 'Mavis Simpson'.... planted as a small 9cm pot plant, it takes a couple of years to reach full vigour,  it dies back to a crown of foliage in winter, evergreen,  it spreads outwards from April onwards to about 5 foot planted on the north side, so it grows southwards, easily trained over a cover and easily moved apart if need be...the tangled stems are very light... just grab hold, lift up and away... replace when finished.  The actual plant here starts from the top of the photo, the rest downwards is all summer growth.. so I hope you can see what I mean...


Garden Fencing

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 19:32

..sculptural....I like that... I have a feeling they're only going to get bigger...

I might pass on that one Fairygirl...  sometimes the field beyond is a sea of poppies in the summer... and I stare at it through these... so they have their uses...

Garden Fencing

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 19:17

..yes thanks both...., gravel boards that's it...couldn't think of the name... feather edge sounds right too, I think they must be, they do look like that.   I didn't put them up....before my time...   also got those battens top bottom and middle... don't know about a triangular one though... no I don't have that..

...I laugh at the holes each time I see suppose I'll get them done eventually.... like next year.... most of my snails go through those

Garden Fencing

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 17:12's what I mean about getting holes in the wood.  This does make me laugh,  whoppers !...people must think I'm some kind of perv of but my binoculars fit these exactly and I can watch any wildlife that appears over the fence - it's a big field beyond...  however, as you can see, I've got a big Rosemary bush growing up which will soon give cover but I shall still manage access...  my neighbours all know I'm mad,... so... whatever... wouldn't want these on your fence though...beware...!


Garden Fencing

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 16:56

I'd like to show a photo of part of my fence as I'm also a bit puzzled about one or two things, although I still like your fence.

Regarding those gaps.  I've got similar fencing and don't have those gaps.  Mine have been placed so they overlap about 1/2 an inch.  Also I have upright posts about 6 foot apart plus horizontal cross bars going along the whole fence, 3 in fact, one near the base, one in the middle and one near the top.  I also have boards (not sure of the technical name) along the base so there is no gap underneath. You can see it just above the shingle line below.

Another thing you might have to watch out for as this has happened to mine in recent years (my fence is 8 years old and never been painted)... is that some of those knots in the wood might blow through and holes can appear (handy if you're a nosey neighbour I  I've got several in mine but as I've got lots of bushes growing up, I don't notice them too much and I like to keep them as I can look to the fields beyond where often see wildlife, otherwise I'd have to get them replaced if I had a neighbour the other side.  I think you can see from this how the panels overlap.  I'm not sure whether this is right or wrong mind you.


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