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Plant in need of ID

Posted: 21/05/2014 at 10:19

..something rather carrot like about regardless..I think your little pond is lovely..charming...with those rocks and pebbles, and other features...looks very nature friendly...

Chelsea Flower Show

Posted: 21/05/2014 at 09:29

...there's no eye candy for women.... in my opinion...well, I've yet to see any...

How old are your gardens

Posted: 20/05/2014 at 23:49

...not too old..about 5 years....I like young and fresh.... prefer to see older mature gardens in other people's...less so my own.... always something being rejuvenated...a new planting area....turf out old tired goes something more modern...a better variety of the same plant perhaps...always new ones coming onto the market that catch my's a bit wasteful but as I say I like to keep a fresher look...

Rose ID

Posted: 20/05/2014 at 21:26

..the double, globular flowers, on green stems, suggests Mme. Alfred Carriere, to me... although the foliage could be a little lighter...  I think Busy-Lizzie has this one in her garden, perhaps she could compare....?

Visit to Bressingham Gardens Tuesday 20th May

Posted: 20/05/2014 at 21:09

..gorgeous photos...

Rugosa Roases.

Posted: 20/05/2014 at 16:22

..entirely up to you which one you choose, but we shouldn't worry too much about these sizes given by rose growers as they are only guides... Peter Beales for instance gives 6 x 5 foot for 'Roseraie' does noted rosarian Graham Thomas in his 'Rose Book'.. which also concurs with my own experience of growing it...a little narrower even if I recall.

... Scabrosa is supposed to be nice - you know it's not a David Austin bred rose..?

......I'm not sure if I've ever grown it... but it will make a big wide bush...  perhaps it lacks the grace of Roseraie...the flowers are single... but they are are very large as are the leaves...a word of warning..apparently, according to Mr Thomas, this rose is 'extra vigorous'...but that might also be appealing...but you can certainly prune..but I wouldn't want to cut off those lovely hips...

..of the others you mention 'Frau Dagmar Hastrup' is the one I would's of compact growth and the hips are a rich crimson rather than orange-red...

..regardless...enjoy your wishes...

Cannot post image

Posted: 20/05/2014 at 00:48

..I don't think you can post photos from iPhones currently... they're working on it.... you need to use some other system, like photo hosting site..

chatham island daisy bush propagation

Posted: 19/05/2014 at 21:40

..I'm amazed you can grow this so well where you are in the North East.... I grew this in Cornwall where I found it's rapid growth to be almost the equal of Leylandii or Eucalyptus... on the south coast near Eastbourne, I expected it to do just as well, I grew a hedge of it, got to 6 foot, but it was cut down by half during a moderate winter there, lots of snow....  so this is why I'm so surprised at your success with it where you are.... I notice from the link above, those people are in the outer Hebrides... so on the western side, which I always thought more favourable... of my favourite evergreens.... I hope you are able to grow your cuttings.. they don't seem to be difficult judging by the people in the link there... it's a pity it's not a little hardier as it would suit so many purposes for screening - blocking out neighbours etc... as it has a tall narrow habit, at least initially...

Rugosa Roases.

Posted: 19/05/2014 at 10:39

..pruning keeps the rose in trim, once you get to know it's capabilities in your own also makes a fine hedge...

I D Please

Posted: 19/05/2014 at 10:31

..Cotinus...that one... usual variety is one like Royal Purple...or Notcutts.. I don't think it's 'Grace'...

..prune off dead wood back to living material... lovely leaf colour in these bushes...

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