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Posted: 07/06/2017 at 10:16

Many thanks 'Dovefromabove' will follow your advice and see what happens thank you

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Posted: 07/06/2017 at 07:32

could I chance taking a soft side shoot of a very old but very full of flowersrose bush and trying a graft on an growing but not very flowering rose

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Melon seeds

Posted: 13/04/2017 at 07:49

Hi Jason milky, thanks for info greenhouse is unheated so will leave on warm windowsill for time being then greenhouse when ready

thanks again 

Melon seeds

Posted: 12/04/2017 at 08:11

i have grown melons from seeds where is the best to grow on out side or greenhouse

New quinea impatients

Posted: 22/10/2016 at 17:21

Can I overwinter impatients

Pond plants

Posted: 21/08/2016 at 20:02

is it possible to make a small amount of aquattic soil it all seems to be large amounts that are for sale


Posted: 02/04/2016 at 07:55

can I trim a small camellia which has gone a bit scraggy now


Posted: 09/09/2015 at 15:26

Hydro means liquid. Hydra is the multi head creature from Greek mytholog. So expert in the Mail on Saturday last weekend 


Posted: 18/03/2015 at 09:34

Thanks  Dave and Busy Lizzie very much for your help, its been sitting in a black bag since late summer and open to the elements well rotted



Posted: 17/03/2015 at 11:03

Am I to late feed manure to my greenhouse beds

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