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unidentifiable pods

Posted: 17/04/2016 at 21:26

wow, you're all amazing!  So I won't remove them and thank goodness I didn't.I'll upload a pic when the ole girl flowers...

Thank you

unidentifiable pods

Posted: 17/04/2016 at 20:46

Here's a larger image of the palm if that helps, and thank you all so much for helping me with this. The pods are pointy.


unidentifiable pods

Posted: 17/04/2016 at 20:22

That's an interesting question, they are not loose and are definitely attached to the plant. Maybe they are the buds of flowering heads. I've never seen them on this plant before and it's about 8 years old. Do you think these are it's first flowers?


unidentifiable pods

Posted: 17/04/2016 at 19:44


This weekend I went into the garden to tidy up after a year long rest with a broken foot. It didn't take that long to heal but it's taken that long to be able to work in the garden! When I got to this palm I found these large hand sized pods and I don't know what they are. Should they stay or should they go? There are 5 of them and they are rather lovely but I'm not sure if they are good or should be removed? any help appreciated, I've included a photo of the palm for identification purposes.


Japanese Acer problem?

Posted: 05/05/2014 at 17:00

Yes I totally agree with you Dove, they are acer seeds. I have them all over my acer this time of year - they're so pretty.

sad acer

Posted: 05/05/2014 at 11:01

The water in the background is the sea! Here's the tree this morning with the tide out. its has only recently been moved to this position. I put it here because it's actually quite sheltered. When I transferred it to the new pot in February the roots seemed fine. Do you think they could have rotted since? There's loads of drainage in the barrel and it's raised off the ground.


Broad bean problem

Posted: 03/05/2014 at 17:49

Really appreciate the replies - thanks guys

sad acer

Posted: 03/05/2014 at 17:48

That's really funny! But if that's the case all my plants would be dead!  

Broad bean problem

Posted: 03/05/2014 at 17:10

I planted a tray of dwarf broad beans in a huge tub and the plants are literally packed with flowers. But now the flowers seem to be turning black too early and dying but there's no signs of any pests although I have given them a good spray. Advice very welcome as I have only grown them once before but I don't remember this happening The dodgy one are at the bottom of the picture...


sad acer

Posted: 03/05/2014 at 17:04

My acer is about 10 years old and never had a problem until last summer when 2 small sections seemed to be struggling. A so-called garden 'expert' friend strongly and convincingly advised me to cut off the struggling sections and totally against my will I did and regretted it instantly. In February I moved the acer to a much larger 3/4 barrel where it seems very happy except for one thing. There are more sections of what seem to be dead branches and I don't know what to do. I really need expert advice please.The dead sections are not completely bare - some small branches off them have normal growth. They are in random places too. Here it is:



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