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Gardeners World Live tomorrow

Posted: 14/06/2013 at 00:50

ps .. why can't I upload my own image??     have tried several times.. and it wont accept .. (then again .. by the looks of it .. no one else has had any success yet either )... bbc IT Department ... HELP!!!!

Gardeners World Live tomorrow

Posted: 14/06/2013 at 00:47

I attended GW on Thursday - and in full agreement with ever hopefuls comments.   It really seemed half the GW of old I used to know (this is my 4th visit, last one 5 yrs ago!).  Lack of volume of suppliers and nurseries attending (heard mutterings by a few stall holders that they wouldn't be attending again .. they felt that BBC were not promoting as fully as they used to.   (something I noted last when Monty didn't mention his attendance at the end of his show last week).  Fewer Plant stall holders outside (and those that were there all seemed to be selling the exact same plants - Ladybird Poppies seem to be in vogue - but I couldn't source a particular poppy I was after... no variety in plants .. all selling the same - too much duplication.  That said the show gardens were amazing .. and loved the Bham City Council Chelsea exhibit...  so those of you still to go .. you will enjoy your day.. but its not the same GW we have enjoyed over the years!

Sadly I wont be rushing back - think I'll get my fix from The Yellow book and Tatton/Shrewsbury shows. 

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