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Plum Fruit Moth?

Posted: 30/08/2013 at 10:11

I have been trying to find out what to do about a similar problem and it may be the same issue though looking on the web seems to show up all sorts of issues.

I have a young Victoria plumb tree that I planetd last year and is yeilding it's first crop.  There are probably around 40-50 plumbs on the tree which a lot seem to look OK.  Few not looking so healthy.  Anyway, last night I very gently tugged at a few that looked rippened and about 8 in total came away easily and looked ready.  Of those 8 only 1 didn't have a brown discolouration around the pip with a single (what looks like white) worm in it.  I'm therefore assuming that the remainder of the fruit will be ruined.

I did spray the tree twice earlier in the season with neem oil as advised on a few sites as the previous year we did get a lot of white deposit on our fruit trees (later found out aphids).  There were still signs of it a little this year, but I sprayed and cleaned the tree so that all the white was removed.

My assumption is that the worm in the fruit is related to the aphids, so my questions are (a) does anyone know if my assumption is correct or is this likely to be something else and (b) how best to avoid this in the future as very disheartening.

Thanks,  Scott

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