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Powered soil sieve

Posted: Yesterday at 22:03

Maybe eBay or Gumtree then?

Powered soil sieve

Posted: Yesterday at 21:20

Could you build your own? Lots of examples on YouTube, looks pretty straightforward and inexpensive.

New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: Yesterday at 20:01

Popped over to check on sweet peas in the cold frame. Ground is frozen solid. Looks like being a late start to Spring. Consoled myself by ordering my veg seeds for this year.

Metal in ponds

Posted: Yesterday at 15:59

Considering that there are still a few cast iron stand pipes that you can drink from I would think your frogs will be fine. As Pansyface had said it would only be an issue if it has any type of chemical coating.

What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: Yesterday at 11:44

Sunny but cold, nice weather for dog walkers as the muddy paths are frozen solid. Hope everyone stays safe in next week's Arctic blast.

Wildlife photos

Posted: 22/02/2018 at 21:22

Another fantastic picture Sheps, they're such a gorgeous looking bird. I was lucky enough to have one land on my fishing rod once, it used it as a perch to feed on the minnows below, it made my day.

pet companions

Posted: 22/02/2018 at 13:19

They look very noble Logan.

Help Please

Posted: 21/02/2018 at 21:31

Great advice from Fidgetbones and Raisingirl. If the soil is too wet when you fill the beds it may compact together, better to leave it until it's more friable.

Don't worry about trying to get it all done in one go. Give yourself a 3 or 5 year plan. In that time you should be able to get a good compost system on the go.

If you know of any tree surgeons you might be able to get some free wood chips for constructing paths. This will help divide up the plot making it seem more manageable. 

Blueberry Patriot

Posted: 21/02/2018 at 18:48

Not always Hoeglory, I bought a pair of unnamed Blueberries from Lidl for £1.99 each. They've produced well from the 2nd year and they are now sturdy large bushes. 

pet companions

Posted: 21/02/2018 at 17:01

 Floss giving me the 'stare', she's telling me it's time for her walk.

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