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Problem with photo

Posted: 11/06/2017 at 17:39

If it's a large file size, over 2MB, then it won't load. Even pics taken on my phone are too large. If you have software that can reduce the file size then try that and it should load ok.

What type of beans is this?

Posted: 11/06/2017 at 17:35

Broad bean

New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: 11/06/2017 at 07:25

Glad the kids enjoyed themselves Rosemummy, now that they have pumpkins to look after it will keep up their interest.

If you can get hold of some sweet pea plants they should be ok, they go on flowering until the first frost's. 

New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: 10/06/2017 at 21:41

Sounds like a good show Gardengirl. Last time I used the Nematodes we had a drop in temps, I kept the ground wet but not sure if the cold would have killed them. Hard to say as the dry weather kept most slugs at bay. 

Sowed some more carrots, Spring onions and radishes. Picking nice punnets of strawberries, sugar snap peas nearly ready and summer cabbage hearting up nicely.

Onions bolting?

Posted: 10/06/2017 at 19:33

Nitrogen based is best, you could use Growmore or something similar.

Good year for wildflowers?

Posted: 10/06/2017 at 17:27

We've counted 5 different orchids so far. Spotted, Pyramidal, bee, man and fragrant. The spotted is by far the most common and in places there are large drifts.

Onions bolting?

Posted: 10/06/2017 at 17:23

Yep, it's bolted, but if you cut off the flower stalk with a sharp knife it will still produce a bulb. It's not unusual and could be for a variety of reasons. Make sure that during the growing season they're well watered and an occasional feed may help. 

Good year for wildflowers?

Posted: 10/06/2017 at 16:30

Living in West Kent we've noticed the abundance of a whole range of wildflowers this year. On regular walks in the countryside it seems this year has been very good for lots of flowering plants. It started with fabulous displays of snowdrops, then the bluebells were the best I've seen in a long time. Fields full of buttercups and now we have a bonanza of orchids. The only exception is the poppy, normally we have at least one or two fields full but this year it's been very sparse.

Has it been a good year all over the country or is this localised. 

Please help me identify these plug plants!

Posted: 10/06/2017 at 16:12

They look to me like they're in the order you have listed.


Posted: 10/06/2017 at 12:34

Have you thought of using nematodes?

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