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Where's Froggy? 4 frogs, can you spot them all?

Posted: 24/05/2014 at 21:21

3 in the pond and one on the shelf on the RH side?


Cucumber babies - male or female?

Posted: 24/05/2014 at 07:50

Hi OL, I'm in Kent. The only thing that courgettes dont like is cold wet summers, and even then some of the new cultivars will still give a good crop.

As KEF has said the first flush of flowers is often all male but once we get into summer they will find their feet and you will be picking every day

Cucumber babies - male or female?

Posted: 23/05/2014 at 18:12

OL, I would'nt worry about pollinating the courgettes by hand if they are outside, I have never done it andi always have way more courgettes than we can eat. If they are in the greenhouse I would think that so long as the bees can get in they would be fine but I have'nt tried them under cover, if the first few dont set then try by hand.

Cucumber babies - male or female?

Posted: 19/05/2014 at 20:43

You don't need to remove the male flowers on Marketmore, I grow it outside and the fruit is always sweet.

Cherry Tomatoes

Posted: 15/05/2014 at 18:08

They should be ok in the GH, just try and keep it well ventilated when the days are sunny to stop the temp going through the roof. My toms have been in an unheated poly for 3 weeks now and my outdoor toms are in the cold frame hardening off, I will plant them out around the end of the month.

Try not too have the compost too wet, when they are young plants they will stand dry better than cold and wet.

how long does it take for bell peppers to germinate?

Posted: 15/05/2014 at 18:00

They can be a bit slow to germinate Zoe, if you can give them some heat that will help, I germinate mine overa radiator near a windowsill and they took 2 weeks to germinate. Its quite late to be starting peppers as they take a long time to grow, it might be worth looking out for some plants

Cherry Tomatoes

Posted: 15/05/2014 at 16:23

It was quite cold here in Kent overnight, they might have had a bit of temperature shock, especially if their roots were wet.

They should pick up if you take care to make sure there is'nt too much temp diff between night and day.

Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: 15/05/2014 at 16:19

Rosemummy,they were autumn sown, overwintered in a cold frame and I planted them out on 27th March, they are about 3ft up the canes, I grow mine at the end of my runner bean trench so have incorporated loads of manure.

Early on in the season I sometimes get a bit of bud drop, I think this is due to the swing in temperatures we get, this year there is a bit too but I have about 6 blooms now about to break out and loads of buds following on.

As David K has said the autumn ones flower early but finish early too, normally mine are past their best by the end of August. I dont grow for exhibition but I do remove some of the sideshoots as they can get very unruly otherwise.

My seeds are from Matthewmans, like Eagle they are quality growers and have never let me down.

What veg are you growing this year?

Posted: 15/05/2014 at 11:03

It will be worth it OL, nothing beats being able to pop into the garden and pick your own fruit and veg.

I hope you have lots of recipes for courgettes, my BH makes a great courgette cake and courgette and chilli fritters are a firm favourite with all the family.

What veg are you growing this year?

Posted: 15/05/2014 at 10:50

OL, how many courgettes are you growing in the GH, my plants normally grow to at least 2ft high and 3-4ft spread, you might need a machete to get in the GH by mid summer

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