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Posted: 04/08/2017 at 07:41

Another vote for nematodes. I use them on my allotment, I left one bed without treatment and this has been badly hit. The other areas are hardly touched and that is probably snails which unfortunately aren't killed by nematodes.

Anyone dismantled and moved a greenhouse before??

Posted: 01/08/2017 at 21:28

Are you suggesting moving it in one piece? IMO it's easier to dismantle completely and then rebuild. Not sure how a plywood floor works in a greenhouse?

Cucumber plant needs help!

Posted: 01/08/2017 at 21:11

I have to say I agree with Dove and as the plant looks so healthy it should be fine. 

Harvest 2017

Posted: 31/07/2017 at 14:48

 And the beans keep coming. This afternoon's collection from the allotment. The blueberries are lovely on cereal for breakfast. 

Name of Chillies on GW and a few other qustions

Posted: 30/07/2017 at 16:25

Naga chillies are some of the hottest many are over 1 million on the Scoville scale! I used some last year to make a chilli sauce which I then used sparingly in curries and as a marinade. 

For adding straight to a curry etc I grow chillies around 50K such as Prairie Fire, Apache and Demon Red.

New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: 30/07/2017 at 14:41

Good luck with your entries Gardengirl. Enough rain lately so no need for constant watering. Hoping one last application of Nemaslug will keep crops safe. Very noticeable in areas where I didn't apply there has been significant damage, otherwise, touch wood, it's been effective.

Onions are ready for lifting, a few dry days would be good as space is limited for drying off in the greenhouse.

Have been offered some decking boards so plan to make new strawberry beds. A couple more blueberry plants and some Autumn raspberries should complete the fruit patch on the plot.

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Insects of the day

Posted: 30/07/2017 at 14:30

 A Fritillary? Sunning itself on the North Downs.

Have I been wasting my time?

Posted: 30/07/2017 at 12:21

I have to net my currant and blueberries but raspberries and strawberries aren't touched! I think it depends on your local environment. 

Harvest 2017

Posted: 30/07/2017 at 08:08

They've definitely got the gardening bug Fairygirl, they have grown 7 different varieties of toms aswell as peppers, chillies and cucumbers in their greenhouse. 

Harvest 2017

Posted: 30/07/2017 at 07:42

Thanks for the recipe Raisingirl, I will pass it on to her

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