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£3 99 or 39p?

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 21:22

Packet of seed and a bit of compost works out a lot cheaper still and you can choose any colour combo you want😊

Autumn planting help

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 19:19

That's good Ruth, it's a bit late for sowing seed for cabbages but you may find some spring cabbage for sale at the GC, these will overwinter and produce spring greens or cabbages if you let them heart. 

You can sow the broad beans direct in the soil, one of the most reliable varieties is Aquadulce Claudia. If you have light well drained soil it should be OK, it's more of a problem if you garden on heavy clay as I do, I tend to sow the seeds in modules then plant out.

The cabbages will need protection from pigeons over the winter otherwise you will be left with stalks! 

New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 16:05

Pulled up the trailing courgette growing on the manure heap, it was still cropping but there are only so many courgettes you can eat and we still have 3 bush plants producing.

Pruned out the summer raspberries, still need to tie them into the stakes. Runner beans and sweetcorn have finished, sweetcorn pulled up and cut the beans off at ground level to let them dry on the canes, makes it easier to remove I find.

Calabrese is ready now, really nice solid hearts, I lost the first sowing to the slugs n snails so I am pleased to get a crop at last. Winter root veg coming along nicely. As the ground becomes available I can start digging it over and add some manure. 

Next project is putting down a base for a shed, should keep me busy😊.

stopping my cats pooing and weeing on my flower beds

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 10:45

Lilwead, the emphasis should not be on other people keeping cats out of their gardens, the emphasis should be on cat owners keeping their cats contained within the boundaries of the owners property! It can be done, if it's too much trouble or expensive then don't have a cat! I am a dog owner and it continues to frustrate me with the attitude of some dog owners, who let them defecate without clearing up. But I've never had a dog do it in my back garden , it's a near daily occurrence with cats though.

I don't care what pets people have, you have a duty of care to the animal and general public regardless of legislation.

Pets bring huge joy into our lives, but for many they can become an unwanted stress. We need to consider others as well as ourselves. I have no defence if my dog defecate in public and I don't dispose of it correctly, the same goes for cat owners too, they may have the 'right to roam' , they don't have the right to defecate on other people's property, that is vandalism.

Autumn planting help

Posted: 18/09/2016 at 18:58

If you have some prepared ground and it's not too heavy it is worth planting autumn onion sets and in October you can sow broad beans and peas, check seed catalogues for the best varieties.

If you want to grow soft fruit then Oct/Nov are good months for planting fruit bushes such as the he currants and gooseberries.

The best thing you can do for your allotment is add lots of organic matter over the winter in the form of compost or well rotted manure. I know you want to get 'growing' but this winters preparation will pay dividends next year.


Posted: 17/09/2016 at 07:30

You could check how much a parcel firm charges to send the polytunnel. If it's a reasonable rate get it sent from a friend in the UK? 

Wasp nests.....

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 16:31

Petrol and a match!! Bet the Fire Brigade love you Mac 12. As Dove says that is really bad advice.

pet companions

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 09:45

Glad you don't live there now Nanny Beach, I've always loved dogs but couldn't have one during a big part of my working live because we both worked and I would never have a dog that had to be left on its own for too long. Now that my partner doesn't work we got ourselves a BC, always had them when I was growing up. She's certainly keeping us on our toes but I like to think we're responsible owners and she is great with people and other dogs. 

Now that she is 12 months we have started to increase her amount of exercise. Still not too much jumping etc but plenty of longer walks. My better half loves teaching her new tricks to keep her stimulated. My only problem now is the look she gives me when I leave for work😊. But the waggy tail when I get home takes away all the stress of the day.

pet companions

Posted: 13/09/2016 at 21:27

That's great news Logan😊.

Wasp nests.....

Posted: 13/09/2016 at 20:17

I would call the Council, they will send out a pest control officer to dispose of it for you. I wouldn't try tackling it yourself Zoomer.

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