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Newbie saying hello

Posted: 30/04/2017 at 18:44

Hi Glenis, lots of knowledgeable and helpful people on this great forum. Hope to see you posting on the allotment thread .

New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: 30/04/2017 at 18:24

Glad you've had some rain Gardengirl, hope it carries on to us here in Kent. We're on clay here and I'm glad I got the plot dug earlier as you'd need a jack hammer to get through it now! How is your shed coming along, I love mine, great to have space for tools and also as a potting shed.

New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: 30/04/2017 at 17:05

Lots of weeding done, bought new canes for runner and climbing French beans. Potted on leeks, used plastic drinking cups with holes drilled in the bottom. Still no rain, though we're promised some tonight​! Spring onions in modules are ready to go into raised bed, hopefully tomorrow.

pet companions

Posted: 29/04/2017 at 10:51

Hope you're on the mend Logan, very obedient boys you have there. Took Floss to the groomers this morning, not sure if she approves of the bandana.

Courgette flower buds?

Posted: 29/04/2017 at 08:30

You'll probably find that you will need to pot the plant on again before it's ready to go outside. If it was me I would start again and not worry about the plants you have now, just put it down to experience. Everything is in your favour for sowing now, more daylight, better temps etc. and when the plants go outside the temperature is just right for them to romp away. You'll find often the first flush of flowers is male but once the plant settles you will have more courgettes than you keep up with so long as you follow GD's advise and water and feed regularly, they're thirsty, hungry plants. 

Don't worry if the first couple of fruits don't set, this happens early on and again is nothing to worry about. 

Camera Talk - part 2

Posted: 28/04/2017 at 20:15

Thanks Liriodendron, they're at their peak here in the South East. The scent is gorgeous as you walk through.

Interrupted Hardening Off

Posted: 28/04/2017 at 20:08

You could use debris netting. It's what they scaffolders use when they enclose a building, it filters the wind but doesn't act like a sail. You can buy it in rolls and now it comes in a range of colours. It had the advantage of doubling up as really good insect netting.

New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: 28/04/2017 at 20:00

Got away without any damage from the cold snap, only really worried about hail and the netting did its job. Lots of watering as the forecast is for it to stay mainly dry. Parsnips are coming through, lots of flowers on the strawberries and the autumn onions are starting to swell. Sowed french beans, butternut squash, courgettes and sweet corn. Will sow some runner beans over the weekend too. 

What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 28/04/2017 at 18:05

Noticeably warmer today, a few 'drizzly' showers along with sunny spells. Desperately need some rain! 

Camera Talk - part 2

Posted: 28/04/2017 at 17:27

Beautiful walk this morning, the sun broke through the beech trees. It's been one of the best years I can remember for bluebells

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