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Talkback: Slugs and snails and pussycat tails

Posted: 09/03/2012 at 08:25
Tried nematodes for the first time a couple of years ago and am now a convert! However, still have the problem of snails which need to be dealt with by hand to shell combat!

Gardens for Dogs

Posted: 02/03/2012 at 13:52

I agree with Heins57 that they should grow out of it (especially if they are tired out with long walks).  We've had a (completely mad) springer spaniel from 10 weeks and he completely decimated the garden last year.  I had prepared myself for some damage but it was alot worse than I expected.  I did train him to use the loo in the same place (bottom of the garden on some concrete which we hosed down regularly). 

Main damage was done by eating or breaking off plants when he ran through them. 

He is now a year old and although still has his mad 5 minutes, tends to stick to the paths and paved areas.  I cut off the perenniels he damaged last year and expect them to grow back this year.  I think I have only had one fatality that I can see at the moment which isnt too bad considering.

Redesign of garden

Posted: 24/02/2012 at 13:32

Great to see everyone's posts (I replied earlier to the original post).  The garden is my domain (the allotment is the hybbys) so when it came to redesigning it I asked him what he wanted.  His only request was 'no grass'.  He was a greenkeeper at the time and I think he must have thought it would be a bussman's holiday if after cutting grass allday, he would come home to cutting more grass!

Last year the garden was a bit of a write off as we got a new (very lively) springer spaniel puppy who loved nothing more than racing around the (smallish) garden.  I cut back all the perennials he ate or broke off and am anticipating that they will come back again this year - he's a year old today and although is still bonkers, does stick to the paved areas of the garden now!

At the allotment we have also created 8 large raised beds.  Spent a couple of weekends barrowing in bark chippings that a kindly tree surgeon let us have!  Looks good now.  Cant wait to start planting up - potatoes are already chitting at home, seeds delivered and planting plan created!  Roll on the warmer weather!

Talkback: Mice in the garden

Posted: 24/02/2012 at 13:18
I am sure that I have a nest of mice under my shed. My cat spends hours staring at one spot. I also get delivered a small pile of intestines on the kitchen floor every so often. Lately my 'gifts' have also consisted of a live mouse. First I know of it is usually a little pile of cat biscuits piled up behind the armchair. I now have a number of humane mouse traps which usually do the trick as once the cat has bought the mouse inside it apparently loses its appeal.

Also, went into the shed to get some potatoes we have stored and found that they have made a start on them!

Talkback: Carnivorous plant pot display

Posted: 20/01/2012 at 10:08
I bought a carniverous plant (trumpet pitcher) as an 'experiment' earlier this year and keep it in my conservatory. It obviously loves where it is as its doubled in size and will probably need repotting later in the spring. Alot easier to keep than I thought.

A couple of the trumpets have dried out and gone brown so will cut off.

Redesign of garden

Posted: 09/12/2011 at 11:02

Hi kate

My garden is slightly bigger.  Rather than a circular lawn I have a stone pavior circle with wide beds around it (so plants can 'flop' onto the circle). 

Just off the circle is a very small patio area in the same coloured stone, enough for a garden bench and at about 45 degrees across the circle is a small deck which is slightly raised to create height interest.  We have a huge cornish palm growing up through the decking which we sit around.  These two seating areas ensure that we can sit in early morning and evening sun throughout the summer.

I have found that the wide beds of plants around the circle (be it grass or stone) do give depth to the garden.  Have also added a bird bath to the middle of one bed with perennials growing up around it.

Hope whatever you decide to do looks great

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