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Ground Drainage

Posted: 16/03/2013 at 19:22

i have the same problem with my allotment mine lower then everyone else i have tryed everything and now ringing council up on monday and giving plot up before i pay aanother years rent for nothing.i have dug trenches all round plot and still having problem its only my plot on the site whats suffering with it .Any ideas

water logged allotment

Posted: 10/03/2013 at 19:40

I was thinking it was just the weather and the fact thats its clay and the fact it hasnt  been worked.But by the looks of it the council just knocked the old pig farm down and put a fence round it and let the gardeners sort it out.there was a old pig farm on the site 20 years ag0. i think im gunna hold off with drainage pipes for the time between my raised beds i put paving slabs.I didnt think bout putting fork holes in the ground to help drain it ill try that next time im down cheers for advice

water logged allotment

Posted: 10/03/2013 at 18:31

i already put raised beds in got all the wood free off some houses what was getting knocked down and paving slabs lol  thanks for advice

water logged allotment

Posted: 10/03/2013 at 18:10

hi took over an allotment in august and it is very waterlogged its never been worked for 20 years its full of bricks wood and old pipes etc.Plus i have been walking on garden i know hasnt helped.Do you think im having the water problems because it has not been worked for so long  i rotavatored it in september and dug it over but dug a hole about 3 weeks ago then the next day it was full of water evan know we had no rain its only in certain parts of the garden.I never had this in my previous garden but give that one up cause this one is closes to home.

Should i put drainage pipes in i dont really want to but as its more expense. many thanks for advice

more gardening less smoking

Posted: 09/03/2013 at 21:21

congrats.I have never smoked in my life but my dad did for about 40 years he is only 55 now and 2 years ago he had a very bad heart attack just 4 days after his first grandaughter was born and he quit stright away chucked his baccie tin away i think it helped him more when he quit that he was in hospital for 11 weeks he had a triple bypass and a new sprilt fitted.But luckly now doing excellent and my allotment give me  somewhere to go and get my head together and now hes down there just as  much as me  when he smoked he never had the energy to get down.GOOD LUCK WITH QUITING


Posted: 27/02/2013 at 19:26

no not yet  they will be at the weekend or so.there about 6cm tall and have there first true leaves if you know what i mean

i have a 12 be 6 foot glass green house


Posted: 27/02/2013 at 19:18

I can turn the heat up what sort of tem should i be looking at there at there first leef stage.

I grow all my veg at home then take to allotment but always done every thing in my conservatoy in plastic greenhouse but now we moved so dont have one. many thanks

allotment vandalism !!

Posted: 27/02/2013 at 19:06

it was on the news on monday in hartlepool they were 3 allotments burnt down.I have had all my raised bed pinched cut 2 locks off for 12 pieces of wood but didnt touch my shed.Also on our site about 4 weeks ago some mindless thief pinch a greenhouse took glass out and everythink in the snow as well .


Posted: 27/02/2013 at 19:02

hi i have a pariffin heater in my greenhouse how hot should i have it on a night this morning it was 6 degress to hot or to cold.i want to move my tomatoes in there so there not on my window sill many thanks and sorry bout speeling

sowing seeds in unheated greenhouse

Posted: 23/02/2013 at 17:53

Hi i have a unheated greenhouse if i start so some seeds of in the next week would they be ok the seeds i was thinking about starting is cabbage,spourts,caulie lettuce,broccil,leeks i know it will be to cold for toms and cucumbers. many thanks

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