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Help needed

Posted: 09/06/2014 at 11:01

hello, I don't usually grow veg but was given 1 x courgette and 2 x chilli plants a few weeks back which have now been repotted. from the info tag, the chillis and are being kept in the greenhouse and the courgette is supposed to be planted outdoors.

as I don't have enough space to plant the courgette in the garden, it's in a large pot. it seems to be doing ok, it is flowering but not growing very much in height. should I pick off the flowers & pinch out the growing tip as it seems a bit odd that it's flowering but not growing upwards ?? 

also one of the chillies was covered in whitefly so I used an organic spray to kill them off  but it looks pathetic. should I chuck it ???  the other one is doing ok.

all advice welcome.

thanks, shazza  


my question 

Advice needed

Posted: 09/06/2014 at 10:41

hello. I am looking for some advice and opinions.

over the years that I've been gardening & growing houseplants, i've taken literally hundreds of cuttings & given them away to friends in work and people online as well.

now as we all know, this costs money in the form of having to buy compost/pots or using what you have already stored from previous buys.

my question is this -- can I advertise small pots of cuttings & charge a small fee to recoup my loss ???

I have quite a few cuttings of Hostas and Aloes that have been potted.

many thanks,





Posted: 20/04/2014 at 21:59

so did I LOL

we did have a lot of rain but my soil is really gritty, sharp and free draining. if it was the weather, wouldn't some of my other plants have copped it too ???

my lavenders, pinks are all still ok, and in fact they're all doing fine !!! they're all in the same border as the campanulas. 


Posted: 20/04/2014 at 20:56

Last year I planted two different varieties of Campanula -- at least three of each variety. One was Carpatica and the other one was Persicifolia. Both varieties  flowered really well and because they are perennial, I thought they'd die back and grow again this year.

Unfortunately, only two plants out of the six that were planted have started to show signs of new growth. I can't find any sign of any of the others (it's not difficult as I only have a small border).

Where do these plants disappear to ???

I know we had a very wet, mild winter and the most likely culprit is slugs/snails but surely even they would find it hard to devour at least four fairly large plants ????  

all advice welcome, thanks   


Is it box blight or not ????

Posted: 06/04/2014 at 15:53

hello, haven't had  to post a problem for a while now -- yep my luck's run out.

anyway noticed that one of my mini box pyramids looking a bit odd the other day. had a closer look and saw that the middle of the plants seems to have gone all brown & shrivelled, the top & bottom half of the plant is still green/healthy. looked on RHS as I wasn't sure if it was blight but pictures were really different to how mine looks.

we have had problems with foxes and cats (other peoples) visiting out garden all year and wondered if the scent marking could possibly be to blame ???


any suggestions ????

thanks, shazza



Honeysuckle Lonicera

Posted: 11/10/2013 at 17:17

hiya, i also had a very straggly plant with hardly any flowers until i saw an old established one in which all the new growth was trained upwards & length ways (vertically) then it flowered like mad. 

try tying it across the fence and see how it does next year.

good luck.


Posted: 03/08/2013 at 16:53

hello, don't know about the depth of planting but when i split and dug up quite a few clumps of these i didn't really plant them at all. managed to take some of the earth as well and basically i just heeled them down so they wouldn't topple over, now they've filled a whole section behind a wall at the bottom of the garden and always flower. they're extremely hardy and almost weedlike where i live.

they're the orange flowered variety and don't know the name as they were here when we moved here 12 years ago. 

they do better in full sun as well, hope this helps



Empty Planters

Posted: 19/07/2013 at 22:13

hiya, thank you all.

holly sounds a bit more hardy than the box, but would it withstand the wind ??? couldn't have something too tall. i think i'd prefer evergreen as already have lots of deciduous shrubs/trees.

Is this correct ???

Posted: 19/07/2013 at 22:06

sorry, is that metres or feet ???????????

Why is this happening ???

Posted: 19/07/2013 at 22:04

hiya, thanks for the replies.

Fairygirl, it's funny but i never noticed it before, i think it's because the weather's been so lovely and have been pottering around for the last two weeks and today i actually sat in the garden as it was so hot, noticed it then.

Bob, thanks but can't see a graft, plant is well over five years old and well established, hopefully it will turn purple.  

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