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Posted: 28/04/2012 at 18:41

i bought cheap plastic labels, use black marker pen, then when thoroughly dry, coat with cheap clear nail varnish. works a treat and ink doesn't run.


Posted: 28/04/2012 at 18:26

Hello have only just discovered this site after BBC closed their boards.

Have bought two new rhubarb (last year) which were planted at exactly the same time and same place. One variety called Victoria, the other Raspberry Red. Victoria has started growing again but the other variety hasn't. Took another look today and there's not even a sign that it's still alive let alone growing !!!

Am quite disappointed because when we moved here there was an old established rhubarb left to its own devices which we harvested for quite a few years before it conked out. I'm not sure what to do now, should i leave it alone for a while and see if anything happens ??

thanks, shazza


Posted: 26/04/2012 at 19:48

hello. i need some advice regarding a rhubarb i purchased last year. it is called Raspberry Red and i planted it at the same time as a Victoria. the Victoria has started sprouting again but unfortunately there are no signs of life with the other one. they are both sited in exactly the same place but not next to each other and were fed/mulched last season. we have had plenty of rain over the last few weeks so they're not too dry.

can you tell me what's wrong ??

thanks, shazza    

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