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Spawn 2014

Posted: 27/02/2014 at 00:18

No spawn in Perthshire, Scotland in a new wildlife pond filled end of Oct 2013 without any plants yet. Guessing by the time plants are available it will be too late - or will it? Are tadpoles likely in a pond without plants?

Native Pond Plants

Posted: 26/02/2014 at 23:51

Thanks Clarington,

I think it will be the same up my way. I've ordered a couple of plants online so we will see when they turn up - prob mid to late March with them.

Photos of your ponds please

Posted: 25/02/2014 at 22:31

Hi LeadFarmer,

Good luck in your search for pond images and inspiration – I completely get that. I searched for a couple of years before I finally felt brave enough to put my pond liner down last October and can’t wait to get plants in there.

My tip would be to think about how you want your edges to be. My site was a tricky one – it would have been so much easier had I just dug a hole in a flat lawn. Different views from around my pond was what I wanted and reflections became a big part of that. I changed my mind so many times but in the end I found I went back to my original ideas and have only a small wildlife hotel to finish in a retaining 'wall'. Trust your first instincts

Native Pond Plants

Posted: 24/02/2014 at 23:43

Hi Clarington, delighted you asked this question – I’m in the same situation desperate to get planting up a new pond (filled last October). I’ll be back here to keep an eye on this thread

ID Please

Posted: 24/02/2014 at 12:14

Hi Rainjustlearning,

I agree with everyone on the snow in summer ID. I've heard it looks great tumbling down a big pot

Adding colour to grassy bank

Posted: 24/02/2014 at 10:41

Hi there novice3,

I agree with nutcutlet on the yellow rattle for your area of grass – I might even suggest you see this as a 2yr project where you only sow/plant plugs of yellow rattle in year 1.

I’m trying yellow rattle on a much smaller scale in a semi cleared, area. My grass mound was sown with wildflowers in mind too but the young grass at just 2yrs still choked space for the flowers to grow. My sowing was last November so I've yet to see this plant growing.

I found this info for you:

“Can Yellow Rattle be used to reduce grass growth? 

Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus minor) is a hemi­parasite which photosynthesizes for itself but also parasitizes the roots of some plants, especially grasses. Because it removes nutrients from the grasses, they produce less growth and the balance of competition is changed in favour of the wildflower species in a mixture.  Yellow Rattle can also build up in patches and then die out, especially if it the host grasses die out.  The bare patches are then open for colonization by wildflowers.”

Source: (more on wildflower meadows there too)

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