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Your new-look forum

Posted: 07/05/2016 at 22:35

Daniel - I am sooooo impressed that, on a Saturday evening, you are looking at all the comments and responding.  I'll even forgive you the Beyoncé thing (have you never heard of Andrea Bocelli?)  Chill out - we gardeners are made of strong stuff and, moan though we may, we nevertheless are gifted with patience  Well - I ask you, who in their right mind would be looking at catalogues/gardening books and drooling over next year's daffodils?  We look forward.  We plan ahead.  We are ever hopeful.

New Forum

Posted: 07/05/2016 at 21:52

I suspect fidgetbones that many of us will pop on to look at the board each day as per usual.  If it improves, and I have no doubt that it will, we/they won't drift off, but will be enticed back!  Well, I hope so, anyway.

Elite Greenhouses

Posted: 07/05/2016 at 19:33

I have an Elite GH which I ordered a couple of months ago.  It is lovely (just a small one for a small garden) but green powder-coated and very smart  I originally wanted a high eaves one, but couldn't get one in the small size I needed.  No matter - I am thrilled with what I have got.

I opted for self-installation.  Now that was a mistake!  The instructions seem to have been written in Urdu, translated into Greek, thence into French with a final stab at English!  It took ages to work it all out - and it wasn't easy.  The end result, however, is lovely, and almost justifies the troubles that it caused!

My recommendation would be to order it and arrange (albeit at a price) for it to be erected for you.  You will find that your fingernails will remain unbitten, your temper will be restrained and, if you are married, your relationship is less likely to be in jeopardy!

Good luck

New Forum

Posted: 07/05/2016 at 19:19

David - I have, like you, landed here as an ex-Beeb poster.  I love this board - it is friendly (usually) and user-friendly - and that counts for a lot.  I would hate to have to re-establish connections in another place.

I know I am not one of the mainstay of this board.  I read often, and post occasionally as the whim takes me.  But it is here, for me.  And for others.  It has been a lovely place to exchange ideas, gardening tips and to learn from others' experiences.

So I shall hold fire, as it were, and hope that there will be significant changes that retain my loyalty.  I think that the team is, perhaps, surprised by the depth of feeling for the changes that have been made.  It's not just a case of "heads in sand" and unwilling to embrace change - it's a case of not seeing the need for change in the first place.

So I shall stay here for now.  I shall keep in touch daily.  But if it doesn't show a real response to posters' concerns, then I'll be with you.

Your new-look forum

Posted: 06/05/2016 at 21:44

A lot. Muddle - but cost isn't the issue here (this has been a lovely forum, free to all-comers).  It somehow seems to show a lack of respect when the people involved aren't, seemingly, taken seriously.

I, for one, respect all the hard work that is put into this forum from GW.  They run the forum with a refreshingly light touch, and only step in when absolutely necessary.  And as a result, with a few notable exceptions, the board users offer respect to the board and to other members.  The odd spat is part and parcel of life in the world of the internet, and generally all is well.

We aren't all grumpy reactionaries - we are bound together by a love of plants/gardening/wildlife.  The ability to interact easily with each other is the glue that holds us together.  Suddenly it seems like someone has found a way to dissolve the glue! ((poor analogy, perhaps.  Or a very poor "purple patch".  But heartfelt, nonetheless).

Your new-look forum

Posted: 06/05/2016 at 21:22

In the triumph of hope over experience, I have tried and tried to navigate around the forum.  I am not finding it easy - and other comments on this thread and others indicate I am not alone.

Do you know what this reminds me of?  the BBC.  People complain (random scheduling/re-scheduling of programmes for example) and the answer, when there is one, is that they recognise everyone's pain, sympathise with the issues, but that they know best, and that the poor punter is wrong and is last on the list of consideration.  Remember "Mumblegate"?  The Beeb said it was our ears that were at fault not the programme sound. 

True, I haven't seen a response yet from GW team - but the lack of response (and it always takes the Beeb an age to respond as well) makes me feel that the end-users are at the bottom of the heap - that we'll get used to it or will be replaced with new posters.  Hmmm.  Not a very happy place to be at the moment. 

Your new-look forum

Posted: 06/05/2016 at 19:10

I've come back today and I have really, really tried to make head or tail of it all.  It's confusing.  It's hard work - and after a busy day in the garden, the last think any of us wants or needs is cerebral hard work.  Sorry - but I just loathe this "new" format.

On the "old" forum, you could roll the cursor over a thread and get the first few lines of what the thread was about.  Now you have to go on to the thread to decide if you want to follow it.

I used to read more than I posted - but this has become tedious.  I have been decorating son's flat for the past couple of days:  I had much more fun and interaction watching the paint dry. 


Posted: 05/05/2016 at 22:33

I did the only sensible thing with the one I inherited when we moved - I paid someone to come and dispose of it for me.  It was worth every penny!

Your new-look forum

Posted: 05/05/2016 at 22:05

It's horrible.  I've been away for a couple of days, and come back to find this!  I'll try to persist, but it's a wretched layout and hard to navigate. 

Have you got yours yet?

Posted: 02/05/2016 at 23:23

AlexX - I see you are in North Devon.  I am in Mid Devon.  So both of us are in rural areas, sufficiently distant from the problems in the south east.  But many people see problems around the corner - you refer to housing, and infrastructure, and those are clear concerns.  I am aware of a certain amount of burying of heads in the sand because we are so distant from the Westminster Village.  But I hope that people are sufficiently engaged with the future to try to make some sense of the issues posed, and that whatever the outcome after the referendum, we can move forward in a positive way.

For my part, I think I worry even more about the prospect of an American President - arguably the most influential person on the planet - being a rich loudmouth (not to mention a funny hairdo LOL)

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