shushkin has reviewed 2 plants

Commelina dianthifolia Day flower

Posted: 22 March 2016
Overall: I originally grew this from seed and they grew quickly. They have managed to form tubers and survived 3-4 winters here in Berkshire. They are growing in a loam soil that is south facing so thats probably why. Sadly they dont sprout again until september. Ive sown some more so I can get them flowering earlier and dig the tubers up to get them flowering earlier. The shade of blue is indeed impressive. Be warned that if happy they will pop everywhere as they are very good at spreading their seed.

Amsonia tabernaemontana Blue dogbane

Posted: 23 April 2014
Overall: I have grown amsonia for a few years now in clay soil and in partial shade. I did add some grit and homemade compost when planted and its been reliable ever since. The flowers are quite showy even though the blue flowers are almost grey. That doesnt sound very inspiring but I wouldnt be without them now. I also value them enhancing my display of aquilegia and dark geraniums. Lovely combo