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Gardeners world live

Posted: 21/01/2014 at 12:57

Hi Red, although a little indulgent I would thoroughly recommend booking VIP tickets if it's your birthday.  I did it last year as a birthday treat for my wife and whilst not exactly value for money you do get private use of a coffee lounge with coffee, cakes and somewhere to sit in comfort available all day, plus a separate cloakroom and a little goodie bag....... You also get a welcoming glass of bubbly - it is your birthday after all

By the way, parking can be rather distant from the halls themselves leading to quite long queues for the transit buses.  The buses are good but keep an eye out for the taxis that shuttle back and forth, they charge about £6 but will happily take 4 or 5 people at a time, so for about a pound you get whisked away from the queues and dropped right at the door.  It's an even better option on the way back when your feet are killing you and your arms are burdened with your purchases!

As for staying overnight, we didn't, just got there reasonably early.  If you can do that, then one full day is probably sufficient but that would obviously depend on how long you like to spend looking at specimen plants, displays, etc...


Talkback: How to set up a worm bin

Posted: 21/01/2014 at 12:36

Hi Batana,

Without knowing your set up exactly it's hard to generalise but with mine, I only take about 2/3rds of the compost out at a time.  The 1/3rd compost that remains will contain plenty of worms and these should quickly multiply as soon as you load up the wormery with more vegetation again. 

Even better, the worms in the 2/3rds compost that you do remove and presumably spread around your garden, will do untold good.  Depending on the type of worms in the wormery they may not survive 'in the wild' but will do plenty of good whilst they are around...... and will probably feed a few birds at the same time!




Posted: 07/01/2014 at 11:51
Anne Waddington wrote (see)

Hi I'm new to this site , I want to plants something in a woodland area, I have ferns acers  primroses and spring bulbs, any ideas please 

Hi Anne, I guess it depends on when you want the woodland area to be at its best.  A ground covering of cyclamen, anemones, celandines and aconites can give some much needed colour and interest when it's needed most - typically from autumn through to spring and they will complement the spring bulbs (by which I presume you mean daffodils, snowdrops, crocuses and the like) nicely. 

Pick varieties carefully as some are more hardy and ground tolerant than others and go for those with AGM awards from the RHS unless you're comfortable selecting specifics. Cyclamen are relatively expensive but will spread, albeit quite slowly.  The rest aren't too bad and are easy to plant.  All, generally, look after themselves and can be mowed over on a high setting during the summer months if you need to keep grass growth down.

Agree with Patsy on Hellebores - often rejected, there are some stunning varieties available and they really look good grown in small clumps rather than individually.  Most also divide well, giving you the chance to expand coverage free of charge! 

Rabbit problems

Posted: 16/12/2013 at 12:35

Do you give the rabbits any food directly, either into or around their hutch?   Like us, they'll eat favoured foods first so if you give them lots of food they like they'll be less inclined to devour your ornamental plants.  Worth experimenting with commonly available 'weeds' like groundsel and dandelions first but even buying prime rabbit food will probably be cheaper and certainly less depressing than watching your garden plants being eaten!

As for plants they won't eat - most will either be poisonous (like the foxgloves!!) or thorny/tough (like holly) - neither ideal solutions to your predicament.  As for the foxgloves, rabbits are supposed to know what's good to eat and what's not but clearly some are better at it than others!

Hope you find a solution!

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